Boat trips Villasimius


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Boat trips Villasimius

  • Villasimius in Sardinia is located on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia.
  • Easily accessible from Cagliari, Carbonia, Iglesias, Costa Rei and Muravera.
  • In the Villasimius area is the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area, an absolute must-see during a holiday in southern Sardinia!

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Boat trips Villasimius, how much they cost

From 40 euros upwards.

The price of the excursion changes depending on the type of boat or dinghy used, the duration and the services offered.

It also makes a difference whether the tour is a private tour or shared with other people.

Prices are indicative and not binding. Select the boat and the service you prefer to know the official price of the trip.

It is located 15 kilometres from Costa Rei, which is a resort south of Muravera, and is easily accessible from Cagliari.

It is one of the best known places in southern Sardinia for its unspoilt nature and incredibly beautiful beaches. 

Excursions depart from the port of Villasimius and from the Tanka Village in Villasimius. Check the details of each excursion and choose the one that suits you best.

It depends on the type of excursion you decide to book. If you choose a boat, yacht or motorboat trip, departures are normally in the morning and return in the evening. For the in the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area there may be departures in the morning and early afternoon. For dinghy hire the duration is variable, choose between half-day, full-day or multi-day. Consult the experience page and choose your departure time from those proposed. During the summer season there is availability every day.

There are free parking spaces near the port of Villasimus and the Tanka Village. However, we suggest you arrive at the embarkation point in advance so that you can park your car in a suitable place. Check the card of each activity where you will find up-to-date location information.

Tours from Villasimius are suitable for everyone and perfect for all ages. There are tours for families with children, groups of friends, couples and even single travellers. Choose the type of excursion you prefer, we suggest you check the "important information" section of each activity so that you can choose the trip and provider that best suits your needs.

There is no particular type of dinghy.

All suppliers, however, use stable inflatable dinghies with robust, high-performance engines for maximum safety. Generally, inflatable boats for are 7 to 12 metres.

Of course, it's a shame not to swim in this beautiful piece of paradise. All excursions include swimming stops to enjoy the day on the boat.

Villasimius has a temperate, warm climate, typical of the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. We recommend that you bring a swimming costume and a towel for swimming during the breaks, and if you feel you need one, bring a jumper as well, as it may be useful for the return trip.

How to book

Online booking is a must, otherwise you risk not finding a place. Moreover, online prices are often lower.
If you want to buy tickets for a Villasimius boat trip on yepsea.com, choose the motorboat you prefer from the proposals, you can see at a glance the duration, fare and port of departure.

On the page of each activity you can see the then choose your departure date and enter your details. There is no need to print the ticket, you can simply show it from your smartphone on the day of embarkation.

At least 48 hours in advance.

Tours in Villasimius are a must, one of the things to do in Sardinia. All tourists who choose to visit the south of Sardinia make at least one tour during their holiday, so we suggest you book as early as possible to avoid the risk of not finding availability. That would be a real shame.

You will be refunded your ticket or asked to choose another date.

All boat trips require suitable marine weather conditions that can guarantee safe navigation.

For this reason, it is up to the captain - for the safety of his passengers and the vessel - to decide whether or not to carry out the excursion.

Trip information

During your holiday in southern Sardinia you can visit the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara by boat, , l', Baia Cala Stellina, Cala di Scasciu, the 19th century lighthouse, the statue of the Madonna del Naufrago, Cuccureddu Beach, Porto Giunco and much more.

Yes, dinghies and boats are usually equipped with an awning to protect themselves during the hottest hours. It is usually opened during stops and not while sailing.

We recommend that you bring a swimming costume and a towel, for swimming during the stops in the most beautiful bays of the Archipelago. If you feel like it, take a jumper with you as well, it might be useful for the return trip. Don't forget sunglasses or a hat! In short, bring with you what you would bring for a day at the beach.

Take with you:

  • swimming costume
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses

These excursions are suitable for everyone, great for families with children, couples, groups of friends on holiday and solo tourists wishing to explore Sardinia.

The marine weather conditions are usually very calm and navigation always takes place below the coast. For this reason it is a very pleasant trip in a unique area.

If you have special requirements, check the activity sheet under important information so that you can choose the tour and supplier that suits you best.

Boat trips Villasimius

The boat trip in theCapo Carbonara Marine Protected Area allows you to explore a very important stretch of sea from a naturalistic point of view. You can see the and admire the most beautiful beaches of Villasimius from the sea. You can choose to take a boat excursion on board a motorboat and a luxury yacht, on a catamaran and also on board a dinghy.

Inflatable boat hire Villasimius

Hiring an inflatable boat, a yacht or a sailing boat is the best way to visit the coast of southern Sardinia in complete autonomy and freedom. During the day at sea you can decide where to go and where to stop, you can visit the most beautiful beaches on the south coast and stop for a swim. You can also reach a restaurant on the beach and eat with your feet in the sand, you are spoilt for choice.

Snorkelling Villasimius

Lo snorkelling is an activity you do in the sea to enjoy the beautiful underwater landscape with a pair of fins on your feet and wearing a mask with a comfortable snorkel. It is a relaxing sporting activity during which you think about nothing, empty your head and become as carefree as a child. You spend some time observing the blue sea, looking for animals or perhaps watching a fish going about its daily business. During the you can spot urchins, octopuses, starfish, moray eels and on a lucky day maybe even a hermit crab Bernardo the hermit on the move.

A tip for snokelling: when you are handed the mask, before wetting it, put some saliva on the inside of the lens, spread the saliva and rinse with sea water. If you don't wear the mask immediately after this practice, leave some water on the inside while you wait to start snorkelling. To the uninitiated this barbaric practice often seems strange, but professionals do it all the time, without thinking about it, because this way the mask does not fog up.
Another very important thing is to never, ever take starfish out of the water, not even for a few seconds because you cause them irreparable damage.

Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area

AMP Capo Carbonara is one of the Protected Marine Areas of Sardinia. L'Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area is a natural marine area located in the south-eastern part of Sardinia, in the area of the Mediterranean Sea from Capo Boi to the area in front of Serpentara Island.

The Capo Carbonara MPA includes the promontory of the same name, the island of Cavoli, the secca di Santa Caterina located to the west of the cove of the same name and the secca dei Pescatelli in the sea area in front of Porto Saruxi. Also included are the areas of the secca dei Berni located in front of Villasimius between the island of Cavoli and the and the shallows of Mezzo and Libeccio south of Isola dei Cavoli.

Flora and fauna around Villasimius

The Marine Protected Area contains all the main species that populate the Mediterranean, including some allochthonous species. In particular, in the sea of Villasimius it is possible to admire among the ichthyofauna the brown grouper, dentex, amberjack, barracuda, seabream, damselfish, gilthead seabream, moray eel, octopus, gilthead seabream and corvina. There are also colourful sponges and the presence of Pinna nobilis, the largest bivalve mollusc in the Mediterranean. Often spotted are the and a little more rarely the large marine mammals.

The avifauna is likewise incredibly flourishing. In addition to the numerous seagulls, it is possible to admire the peregrine falcon, the cormorant, the tufted maragon, the tern and the pink flamingo.

The flora boasts the species that characterise the maquisincluding juniper, myrtle and pistachio.

Also worth mentioning Posidonia oceanicaIt is a very important plant for the conservation of the coastline, for the oxygenation of the water and for the preservation of species, since many animals find shelter in its submerged forests.

Book an excursion to Villasimius on yepsea.com

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