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Red Giant: Arrubiu The Biggest Nuraghe

Majestic, imposing, impressive. Discover the largest nuraghe in Sardinia: the Nuraghe Arrubiu, also known as the Red Giant
Arrubiu Largest Nuraghe In Sardinia

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The Greatest Nuraghe

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is so far the largest nuraghe in Sardinia. This imposing structure is the only one with a pentalobed plan known for its magnificent buildings that altogether cover a vast area of about 5000 m².

This nuraghe is formally larger than Barumini, as Arrubiu is a single nuraghe, Barumini is a nuragic complex consisting of multiple constructions.

The structure of the Red Nuraghe

The dating of the Red Nuraghe was made possible by the discovery in its central tower of a Mycenaean pottery - a Alabastron - which seems to date back to the 14th century BC.

The pentalobed structure of the Nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli is composed of 5 peripheral towers positioned around the central tower with its courtyard. The huge structure stands out as a stronghold in an area dotted with archaeological sites and boasting many smaller nuraghi, tombs of the giants and Domus de Janas.

Why Arrubiu is a Red Giant

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is commonly called the red nuraghe or red giant.

Giant because it is currently the largest nuraghe that has ever been investigated

Red for the colour that lichens lend to its walls

The vegetation in the surroundings consists of many olive trees, plants and shrubs typical of the .

9 Photo lichens Nuraghe Arrubiu

See photographs of the lichens that give the nuraghe its particular colouring

What to see at the Red Nuraghe

In the surroundings of Orroli on the impressive basaltic plateau of the Sarcidano Pran'e Muru, more than 50 nuraghi have been surveyed, which presumably depended directly on the large pentalobite nuraghe located in the centre of the area. The Red Giant with its five towers dominates the plateau, almost controlling the area. Between the towers and the courtyards we can distinguish several rooms that were used for different activities, let us see some of them.

the kitchen or lamb tower

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is divided into several rooms including a paved kitchen located in the lower edge of one of the towers. Meals of bread, cereals, fruit and meat were prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen room is located near the remains of a hearth and is directly connected to the courtyard where it is believed meals were eaten.

the women's tower or bread tower

Among the clearly identified rooms is the famous bread tower for use by the women where the flour was presumably ground, kneaded and baked. There was therefore a real bakery, near this room is the silo where cereals were stored

oenological workshops

Two Roman wine laboratories where the wine-making process took place were found inside the nuraghe. The workshops have been moved to the area adjacent to the nuraghe and are visible during the visit

the Tomb of the Sword

Approximately 200 metres from the nuraghe is the Tomb of the Giants called the Tomb of the Sword - due to the discovery of two votive spits inside it. Of the tomb dated between the 14th and 13th centuries BC (Bronze Age), unfortunately little remains to be appreciated today. It is, however, considered to be a megalithic tomb of high archaeological value. During excavations and studies, a block of basalt was found entirely carved together with the remains of typical Sardinian bronze figurines, pottery, wine bowls and the remains of deer antlers. Remains were also found that confirmed that the types of burial were of the collective type

nuragic huts

huts can also be visited near the nurghe, including the large round meeting hut with seats and a fireplace

Where the Nuraghe Arrubiu is located

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is the largest nuraghe in Sardinia and - therefore - the largest nuraghe in the world to date; it is located in the territory of Orroli in the province of South Sardinia, in the historical sub-region of Sarcidano.

Orroli is located about 70 km north of Cagliari, near Nurri, Perdasdefogu, Senorbì and San Basilio. The location is only 30 km east of one of the most famous and visited nuraghi: Barumini.

Arrubiu is known as the Red Giant because it is an enormous monumental structure that surpasses all the nuraghi investigated to date. The red colour - arrubiu - is due to the shades that red lichens give to the stones that compose it.

The Red Nuraghe is one of the absolutely a must-visit.

Opening hours Nuraghe Arrubiu

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is open daily from 9.30 am until sunset.

Guided tours are available all day without reservation, they do not take place during the break from 13.00 to 15.00.

Guided tours at night - very impressive - are available by reservation for groups of at least 25 people

access by ticket only

access permitted with dogs on a leash

no climbing on structures

do not litter the area

Ticket prices Nuraghe Arrubiu

The ticket prices for access to the archaeological site with a guided tour are:

  • Adults € 5.00
  • Children - 6 to 18 years € 3.00

Rates for groups of at least 25 persons are € 4.00 per participant

For up-to-date info and rates visit Nuraghe Arrubiu

30 Photographs Nuraghe Arrubiu

Interior and exterior images Nuraghe Arrubiu

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Nuraghe Rosso

It is the nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli, also called the Red Giant. To date it is the largest nuraghe ever discovered and investigated as well as being one of the most beautiful and important in Sardinia

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is located in Orroli in the province of South Sardinia, 70 km north of Cagliari, near Nurri, Perdasdefogu, Senorbì and San Basilio. Just 30 km from one of the most famous and visited nuraghi: Barumini.

The ticket price to see the Nuraghe Arrubiu is € 5.00 for adults and € 3.00 for children - 6 to 18 years old

Rates for groups of at least 25 persons are € 4.00 per participant

The car park is located in the square in front of the archaeological site

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