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Budoni, Blue Flag 2022

Among the new resorts in Sardinia included in the Blue Flag Programme 2022 is the municipality of Budoni with its pristine Budoni Bay.
Sea Lily visible on beaches in Sardinia

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The Blue Flag Programme has released the list of beaches with Blue Flag 2022. Among the new locations included in Sardinia there is the Municipality of with the Bay of .

The Budoni beach has thus been awarded the Blue Flag 2022, meeting the requirements on the beach cleaningstandards required for the bathing waters and for the presence of services.

Budoni Beach Blue Flag 2022

Dune Pineta Macchia Mediterranea Budoni
Dune Pinewood Budoni

Budoni is a village on the coast north-eastern Sardinia. It is located approximately 30 km to south of and about 12 km south of San Teodoro near theTavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area

A delightful village that is spread out along the main road - the SS 125 Orientale Sarda - with the rolling green hills.

The sea in the Budoni area has always been known for the particular colouring of its waters: limpid and enchanted. Le Budoni beaches are all very impressive, some really wild and untouched.

In the back dune belt of the Budoni beaches, it is possible to admire the typical plants of Sardinia and the Mediterranean maquis.

Exploring the coastal portion of the beaches, especially those wild and far from the built-up area always reserves unexpected surprises.

Sardinia, the 15 Blue Flag Beaches 2022

In Sardinia, there are 15 municipalities that have obtained the prestigious Blue Flag certification:

  1. (Sassari)Tegge, Monti D'a Rena, Bassa Trinità, Porto Lungo, Spalmatore, Cala Wreck, Two Seas, Carlotto Eagle's Nest. All in the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

  2. St. Teresa (Sassari): Rena Ponente Capo Testa, Rena Bianca, Aunt Culumba , Rena di Levante, La Taltana Santa Reparata

  3. (Sassari): Isolotto Old

  4. Budoni (-Tempio Sassari): Bay of Budoni

  5. Castelsardo (Sassari): Madonnina Stella Maris, Sacred Heart Ampurias

  6. Sorso (Sassari): Marina Beach, Marina di Sorso
  7. Trinità D'Agultu e Vignola (Sassari)La Marinedda, Cala Sarraina, Spiaggia Lunga Isola Rossa

  8. Aglientu (Sassari)Vignola Mare, Rena Majore

  9. SassariPorto Ferro, Porto Palmas, Platamona

  10. Badesi (Sassari): Baia delle Mimose Pirotto Li Frati, Li Mindi, Li Junchi, Lu Poltu Biancu

  11. Quartu Sant'Elena (Cagliari)Poetto, Mare Pintau

  12. Sant'Antioco (Cagliari Carbonia Iglesias): Maladroxia Coacuaddus

  13. Tortolì (Nuoro)Porto Frailis, Ponente La Capannina, Orrì Foxilioni, Muxì il Golfetto, Lido di Orrì I and II Spiaggia, Lido di Cea, San Gimiliano

  14. (Nuoro)Bucca 'e Strumpu, Torre di Barì, Sa Marina

  15. Oristano: Torregrande

What is the Blue Flag Programme?

Blue Sea With Amp Tavolara In The Background
Blue Sea with MPA on the Background

The International Blue Flag Programme is a environmental quality certification - and not only - of seaside resorts.

The project, initially European in scope, now has 49 countries worldwide and has a partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The criteria evaluated are quite articulated and the maintenance of standards is required. Among the requirements for obtaining the Blue Flag there are:

  • water quality with bathing water sampling
  • the promotion of environmental education programmes
  • proper environmental management
  • the presence of services with an emphasis on security

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)

Since 1987, the non-governmental, non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) has been assessing the characteristics and quality of beaches and harbours.

Once the evaluation process is complete, it gives the worthy locations certification that the territory is managed in a manner sustainable.

The Blue Flag refers to proper land management through the promotion of activities of an environmental nature and enhancement of sustainable tourism.

Complete list of Blue Flags 2022 in Italy

Blue Flag: some frequently asked questions

The Blue Flag is a certification awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to all seaside resorts that meet quality criteria.

To be awarded a Blue Flag means to have fulfilled the criteria for Blue Flag certification. The requirements mainly concern the cleanliness of beaches and waters, the promotion of environmental education programmes and sustainable tourism.

A beach can be awarded the Blue Flag if it meets the parameters set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). In particular, the criteria refer to water quality, sustainability, environmental education programmes and services offered.

No, coastal municipalities can participate in the programme free of charge by filling in a questionnaire. There is no charge for evaluation and certification for monitoring visits.

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