Boat trips Alghero

Alghero, a real must-visit during a holiday in Sardinia, an area waiting to be discovered.
Sergio Atzori
Sergio Atzori
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    Boat trips Alghero

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    Boat trips Alghero

    • is a picturesque town located on the northwest coast of Sardinia just a few minutes from Sassari, between Stintino, Porto Torres and Bosa
    • This enchanting Catalan-influenced location is steeped in history, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and spectacular attractions
    • A real must visit during a holiday in Sardinia, an area waiting to be discovered.


    Boat trips to Alghero cost between €30 and €150.

    You can choose between guided boat trips or . The price varies according to the duration of the excursion, the boat used, the seasonality and the services offered.

    Prices are indicative and not binding. Select the type of excursion or dinghy rental you prefer to know the official price.

    Boat trips to Alghero cost between €30 and €150.

    The price varies according to the duration of the excursion, the boat used, the seasonality and the services offered.

    Prices are indicative and not binding. Select the type of excursion or dinghy rental you prefer to know the official price.

    The port of Alghero is located in the city centre.

    Another tourist resort from which several boat trips depart. Bosa is a small Florence with the river Temo dividing the town in two. 
    The port is located in the city centre

    Boat trips or dinghy rentals usually start in the morning and end in the evening to allow you to enjoy a whole day at sea.

    Online booking is a must, otherwise you risk not finding a place. Moreover, online prices are often lower.

    Choose the yacht, motorboat or boat you prefer from the proposals, you can see at a glance the duration, rate and port of departure.

    On the page of each activity you can see the then choose your departure date and enter your details. There is no need to print the ticket, you can simply show it from your smartphone on the day of embarkation.

    At least 2-3 days in advance.

    Boat trips to the Asinara are very popular. Especially in high season, you risk not finding a place if you book at the last second. For this reason, we suggest you book as early as possible.

    Trips to Asinara are generally made:

    • sailing
    • in a catamaran

    The Asinara is part of a protected marine area, which is why motor boats have several restrictions.

    The best way is therefore to choose a sailing boat or catamaran.

    You will be refunded your ticket or asked to choose another date.

    All boat trips require suitable marine weather conditions that can guarantee safe navigation.

    For this reason, it is up to the captain - for the safety of his passengers and the vessel - to decide whether or not to carry out the excursion.

    Alghero: what to see

    Asinara is an island rich in history and nature, so you can range in different areas during your visit to Asinara. You can choose from a variety of activities:

    • Guided or self-guided nature walks
    • Historical visits to the prisons of Asinara;
    • in the Asinara Marine Area;
    • Scuba diving;
    • Off-road excursions;
    • Catamaran and sailing trips to the most beautiful bays in the Asinara;
    • Tours by mountain bike, pedelec and electric car

    In the area of Alghero it is very easy to see the because many dolphins are present and live permanently in the Marine Protected Area (Bottlenose dolphin). Sometimes, in particularly lucky cases, it is also possible to encounter animals such as the fin and minke whale and sea turtles such as the Caretta caretta.

    Among the avifauna that can be spotted during the boat trips are specimens of the greater shearwater and the storm bird, and among the birds of prey exponents of the peregrine falcon.

    The Marine Protected Area he Isola Piana is a veritable concentration of biodiversity, thanks mainly to the high presence of different habitat types. The very high presence of species of high interest has led to the area being declared also Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance.

    Among the flora and fauna that can be spotted in the Alghero area during snorkelling and diving excursions are:

    • colonies of red coral (Corallium rubrum) from which the Riviera of the same name takes its name;
    • lobster (Palinurus elephas) common in the area of Alghero;
    • the parapandal shrimp;
    • madrepores and gorgonians (Paramuricea clavata);
    • the nacchera, the largest bivalve shell in the Mediterranean (Pinna nobilis);
    • sponges (genus Clathrina) and cnidarians (Parazoanthus axinellae);
    • Posidonia oceanica present in vast grasslands where this splendid biodiversity is preserved.

    Capo Caccia is an important and well-known limestone promontory located at about 20 km north of Alghero which contains a truly astounding karstic formation: the cave of Neptune. The cave is 'a must-see at least once in a lifetime', a striking and breathtaking attraction. Its beauty was also immortalised in the 1978 film L'isola Degli Uomini Pesce by Sergio Martino, starring Barbara Bach.

    The story of its discovery is lost in the mists of time, as the exact date is not really known. It certainly does not seem likely that the ancient peoples who inhabited the area never entered it; it is equally certain that there are remains of human settlements in the caves in the vicinity. However, the first documented discovery of the cave is thought to date back to the end of the 18th century by the Alghero fisherman Ferrandino.

    The famous Neptune's Cave can essentially be reached in two ways:

    • By land: Neptune's cave is just over a mile away. 20 km from the centre of Alghero so it can be reached in about 20-25 minutes. Heading north by car or bus in the direction of Fertilia Airport Alghero, take State Road 127 Settentrionale Sarda and reach the promontory of Capo Caccia where the Escala del Cabirol is located, which with its more than 600 steps leads to the entrance of the cave;
    • By sea: Neptune's Cave can be reached by sea on board the boats that make daily trips and excursions to Neptune's Cave from the Port of Alghero or the pier of . The entrance to the caves is at sea level, so it is only possible in favourable marine weather conditions. During the boat tour to the cave, one can admire the famous Coral Riviera and the promontories of Capo Galera and Punta Giglio. Once you reach Capo Caccia by boat, you will find the entrance to the cave near Isola Foradada.

    The Escala del Cabirol consists of 654 steps, so if you decide to reach Neptune's Cave by land remember that there are 654 steps down to reach the entrance and then... 654 steps to climb = 1,308 😄. The Escala del Cabirol was opened in 1954 and is attributed to the architect and philosopher Antoni Simon Mossa. The staircase is about 400 metres long and runs along a cliff about 120 metres high above the sea. Its name Escala del Cabirol - literally 'Stairway of the Roe Deer' in Catalan - is presumably due to its zigzagging course along the wall, reminiscent of roe deer climbing up and down the cliff face with agility.

    Neptune's Cave is about 4 km long, the touristic route currently open to visitors is a few hundred metres where there are large underground halls, lakes, tunnels and incredible column formations, stalactites and stalagmites. The first room you see is the hall where the Lake La Marmora close to the majestic 2 metre stalagmite called Stoup. The attractions of Neptune's Cave that can be visited are:

    • The Hall of Ruins;
    • The Hall of the Royal Palace;
    • The Ciottolini Beach;
    • The Christmas Tree;
    • The Smith Hall with the Great Organ;
    • The Dome;
    • The Hall of Trine and Lace;
    • The balcony called Tribuna della Musica.

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