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Cala Brandinchi Beach: Little Tahiti

Cala Brandinchi is known as 'Little Tahiti' because it is an exotic beach with amazing colours. But it is not in the ocean but in Sardinia. Photos, information and how to get to one of Sardinia's most beautiful beaches
Cala Brandinchi La Petite Tahiti

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Beach Cala Brandinchi: where it is located

Brandinchi is a beach located in the municipality of coastline in the north-east of Sardinia. The beach is in the southern portion of the promontory of in theTavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area.

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A true pearl, a beach of enchanting colours. is certainly one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia and also among the most popular and visited destinations.

Cala Brandinchi Sardinia: an Enchanted Sea

Brandinchi beach is also known as 'Little Tahiti', its colours reminiscent of the wild, exotic beaches of Polynesia and the Caribbean, but the Little Tahiti is in Sardinia.

The sea slopes gently with a seabed that remains shallow for tens of metres, creating the characteristic pool effect. Brandinchi is the ideal family beach for swimming and playing with children and friends. The beach also has reserved areas where you can be quiet, perhaps at theshade of the beautiful pine forest behind.

It is a beach that remains in the heart because of its beauty, its colours and for its perfumeswhere you can admire panoramas breathtaking.

Photos of Cala Brandinchi Sardinia

The Gardens of Cala Brandinchi Beach

The beach is also very famous for its fine sand dunes covered with sea liliesjuniper trees, and rushes. Behind the sandy shore, almost encircling the enchanting sea, are the maquis and the pine forest. Everything is green and very well cared for. The equipped areas are true oases where one can refresh oneself in the shade and enjoy an enchanting view.

Beyond the pine forest you can see the Brandinchi Pondanother oasis for birdwatchers. Pink flamingos, herons and egrets live in the waters of the pond.

La beach is equipped with all services and for all needs. Bar-restaurant, beach umbrella rental, watersports such as canoes and pedal boats. Parties, events and even ceremonies can be organised on request for weddings on the beach.

Beaches nearby: Lu Impostu

The headland of is dotted with beaches and coves. Nearby are the beaches of of Puntaldia (the twin of Brandinchi) worth a visit.

Near Brandinchi, famous and much sought-after beaches are Salina Bamba and Baia Salinedda. Moving a few kilometres south is , the Beach of .

In the northernmost area are the famous beaches of the Costa Smeraldaall to be seen.

Other beaches in the vicinity that are a must-see are the Budoni beaches which was recognised by the Blue Flag.

Cala Brandinchi: frequently asked questions

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North of San Teodoro, on the road leading to the promontory of Capo Coda Cavallo. Spiaggia Brandinchi is a beautiful bay near Puntaldia, a beach with azure blue waters in north-eastern Sardinia.

The beach of Cala Brandinchi is easily reached by car following the signs for Capo Coda Cavallo, the promontory between Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro. The way to the beach is well signposted. There are pay car parks in the area where you can leave your car. How to reach Cala Brandinchi

Take the road to Capo Coda Cavallo, initially the road is asphalted then becomes unpaved. After about 1 km of dirt road, you reach the car park and the pine forest behind the beach. From the car park, continue on foot to reach the beach accesses.

Yes, parking at Cala Brandinchi is chargeable. Various solutions are available, a car park near the beach and a more remote car park served by a shuttle bus.

The cost is € 2.50 per hour in the summer season. In the winter season access is free of charge. Rates are indicative and may vary depending on the season.

Both. At Cala Brandinchi there are both, equipped beach and free beach, and parking is always charged for. In summer, umbrellas and sunbeds sell out quickly, so if you want one, it is best to book.

Approx. € 35.00, complete with 2 sunbeds. The price for a Cala Brandinchi parasol varies depending on the season. Beach equipment due to the high influx of people in August sells out quickly. It is advisable to book to get a front-row seat. Rates are approximate, if you want to get a sunshade at Cala Brandinchi, please inform yourself in advance.

The beach at Brandinchi is about 750/800 metres long and in some places reaches a length of 20/25 metres. It is a long, well-equipped beach where one can enjoy wonderful walks.

Hard to choose, together with Cala Brandinchi they rank among the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia:

La Little Tahiti in Sardinia is Cala Brandinchiin the municipality of San Teodoro. The beach called Tahiti in Sardinia is Island of in the Archipelago of .

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