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Western films in Sardinia? It's all true

Western films in Sardinia? It sounds incredible but it's all true. Let's discover the Sardinian Cinecittà: San Salvatore Sinis
San Salvatore Sinis photos of the houses

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Western films shot in Sardinia

Sardinia has been the scene of countless shootings, and there are many films shot in Sardinia and films about Sardinia in the history of cinema. Some films have become very famous thanks to stellar directors and casts, many others are art films, films of cultural interest, little gems that depict beaches and glimpses of the beautiful Sardinian landscapes.

When one thinks of western films, one usually imagines New Mexico, Texas or at most Cinecittà. Instead, it seems incredible to say but there are several western films shot in Sardinia. Everything takes shape far from the in a village near Cabras called San Salvatore Sinis.

San Salvatore di Sinis: western location

This hamlet was chosen by several directors to film spaghetti-westerns because of its decidedly authentic landscape. Between the 1960s and 1970s, this hamlet hosted Colt Gartera film later cited by Tarantino in Kill Bill. Legend also has it that in this location Sergio Leone shot For a Fistful of Dollars but this rumour seems not to be true.

The attempt to make San Salvatore Sinis an international film location for westerns was short-lived. However, the locals still built an emporium and thesheriff's office to keep the suggestion alive.

Suggestion that does indeed linger. San Salvatore di Sinis looks like an uninhabited old village: the doors and windows are all closed and not a soul is to be found, except for a few tourists intent on taking photographs. The streets are not asphalted but of beaten earth, the wind blows between the houses and all that is missing is the classic ball of brambles at the mercy of the wind.

Photographs San Salvatore Sinis

Video Western film shot in Sardinia: Garter Colt

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