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Lighthouses In Sardinia: 7 Wonders

Sardinia's most beautiful lighthouses. Where they are, how to reach them and how they work.
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Capo Testa Lighthouse Sardinia

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Like all islands and coastal territories, the promontories and highlands of Sardinia are dotted with lighthouses and beacons that illuminate the voyage of sailors and animate the coasts.

Mysterious constructions that always arouse interest and fascination both for the remote places where they are often found and for their important function.

Read a few facts about lighthouses and discover our selection of 7 photos of lighthouses in Sardinia.

1 Of the 7 Wonders

There has always been a need to signal the presence of land and obstacles to sailors crossing the seas. Around 300 B.C., the Lighthouse of Alexandriauniversally recognised as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

The lighthouse was located on the island of Pharos opposite the port of Alexandria, on its summit burned a huge fire visible for miles around distance.

The lighthouse was probably destroyed by an earthquake, so there is not much left to observe today. However, it seems that since then the name 'lighthouse' - from Pharos has been used to identify this important and very useful type of signal.

How a Lighthouse Works Today

Lighthouses to see - Olbia Lighthouse
Lighthouses to see - Olbia Lighthouse

Beacons were positioned in order to signal the presence of obstacles for navigation. These beacons generally consisted of a tower-like structure bearing on its top a lamp and a lens system.

The equipment, when functioning and in good condition, allows the vision of the light signal even at great distances.

Not all lights that aid navigation are beacons. Headlights by definition are light signals visible at a distance of less than 10 nautical miles.

The characteristics of the lighthouse - its range, height, light colour and frequency of light emission - can be found on nautical charts.

The lighthouse and signalling service in Italy is under the control and responsibility of the Italian Navy.

A Selection Of Photos Of Sardinia's Lighthouses

Before discovering our selection here is a short list of lighthouses in Sardinia from the northernmost clockwise:

  • Island of Razzoli
  • St. Mary's Island
  • Palau Lighthouse
  • Isolotto Monks
  • Iron Cape
  • Golfo Aranci Figarolo
  • Olbia Island Mouth
  • Island Tavolara
  • Cape Comino
  • Cape Bellavista
  • Capo Ferrato
  • Cape Carbonara
  • Capo Sant'Elia
  • Cagliari
  • Capo Spartivento
  • Sant'Antioco
  • Island of San Pietro
  • Cape Frasca
  • Oristano
  • Cape San Marco
  • Cape Mannu
  • Bosa Marina
  • Alghero
  • Capo Caccia
  • Island Asinara
  • Porto torres
  • Capo Testa

Photo Lighthouse Isola dei Cavoli

Cabbage Island Lighthouse
Cabbage Island Lighthouse

Lighthouse Isola dei Cavoli - Villasimius

The Isola dei Cavoli lighthouse is located on the Isola dei Cavoli in the Villasimius area in the heart of the Capo Carbonara Protected Marine Area.

A well-known lighthouse that dominates the south-eastern tip of Sardinia characterised by a tower with black and white stripes on a two-storey building.

The lighthouse is located on an island and can therefore only be reached by boat. It was built in the mid-1800s near an old defence tower.

At certain times of the year it is possible to visit the lighthouse accompanied by qualified operators.

Capo Ferro Lighthouse Photos

Fascinating lighthouses in Sardinia - Capo Ferro Lighthouse
Fascinating lighthouses in Sardinia - Capo Ferro Lighthouse

Iron Cape Lighthouse - Porto Cervo

The Capo Ferro Lighthouse is located on the Capo Ferro promontory, near Porto Cervo in the heart of the Costa Smeralda.

This lighthouse was built in the mid-1800s and is still fully functional and very useful today. The Cape Iron Lighthouse guards the entrance from the east to the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and towards Bocche di Bonifacio.

The building is a white masonry tower that has withstood the strong mistral winds blowing over the area for almost 200 years.

From the lighthouse there is an enchanting and privileged view of the Isle of Bisce and Capreravery impressive is the route to reach it on foot.

Photo Lighthouse Capo Testa

Faro Capo Testa - Santa Teresa Gallura

The Capo Testa Lighthouse is located in northern Sardinia in Santa Teresa Gallura, near the famous Moon Valley of Capo Testa.

Active since the mid-1800s, it is a lighthouse located in a absolutely unique context. The granite rocks of the promontory that hosts it, shaped by water and wind, offer breathtaking landscapes.

The building dominates the stretch of sea known as the Bocche di Bonifacio.

The Capo Testa Lighthouse in Sardinia, together with the Cape Pertusato Lighthouse in Corsicawelcomes sailors arriving from the western routes and accompanies them for a good part of the journey through the Gulf ofAsinara.

Especially with storm surges it is a vantage point that gives incredible shots.

A beacon indeed must visit!

Photo Lighthouse Capo Caccia

Wonderful Headlights - Lighthouse Capo Caccia
Wonderful Headlights - Lighthouse Capo Caccia

Beacon Capo Caccia - Alghero

The Capo Caccia Lighthouse is located on the promontory of Capo Caccia, near the town of Alghero. A cliff famous for its beauty and because it is home to Neptune's Cave.

A beacon that has existed since the mid-1800sthen modernised with a tower around the mid-1900s.

An enchanting panorama overlooking the sea characterised by cliffs and lush maquis.

Olbia Lighthouse Photos

Isola Bocca Lighthouse - Olbia

The Isola Bocca Lighthouse is located in the stretch of sea leading to the entrance to the Port of Olbia.

Arriving and departing ships pass by and at night the beam of light from this splendid monument welcomes travellers.

The construction is about 24 metres high and the light signal is visible for up to 15 miles. The lighthouse is located in an incredibly impressive stretch of water, also due to the presence of the old seafood farms.

Cape Sandalwood Lighthouse Photos

Lighthouses In Sardinia: 7 Wonders
Lighthouse Cape Sandal Island San Pietro

Cape Sandalwood Lighthouse - Island of San Pietro

The Cape Sandalwood Lighthouse is located at theIsland of San Pietro Carlofortein a magical place overlooking the sea. It is one of the Italy's westernmost lighthouses lighting the way for the routes south of Sardinia.

The lighthouse can be reached by a short walk along a rather steep path.

However, the effort is rewarded by the splendid panorama. Sunsets at the Cape Sandal Lighthouse are truly unforgettable experiences.

Palau Lighthouse Photos

Palau Lighthouse
Palau Lighthouse

Palau Lighthouse - Palau

The Palau Lighthouse is located near Porto Faro, very close to the centre of the town of Palau. It is a little-known lighthouse in a truly enchanting location overlooking the island of La Maddalena with a particularly impressive view.

The Palau Lighthouse is very easy to reach within a few minutes' walk. It is surrounded by small beaches and little-visited coves with the sea of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

Discover also the Map of lighthouses North Sardinia and the Map of lighthouses South Sardinia on the Italian Navy website.

Photo Credits Graziano Manganelli: Photo Lighthouse Isola dei Cavoli, Photo Lighthouse Capo Ferro, Photo Lighthouse Olbia.

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