5 Reasons to Rent a Car in Sardinia

Sergio Atzori
Sergio Atzori
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Why choose to travel to Sardinia by car?

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Sardinia is a magical and wonderful island. It is full of magnificent coastlines, splendid towns and an inland that hides mysteries and ancient knowledge. The best way to get to know it? By car. And by boat, of course.

is a city that revolves around relaxation and simplicity. Everything is amplified when you decide to give yourself the freedom to rent a car and visit the beaches, coastline and all the magnificent territory of the .

Olbia has beautiful beaches and it is possible to do various activities - such as boat trips - to enjoy the Sardinian sun and climate.

Take the opportunity to visit them all by until Golfo Aranci and continue north towards St. Teresa and enjoy vantage points wonderful and unmissable locations.


Our selection of excursions, boat trips. See all.

Car rental at the airport

Olbia International Airport Costa Smeralda is home to the main car rental companies such as EuropCar, Hertz, Sixt, and Noleggiare. In addition to the large car rental companies, it is possible to find smaller, local firms that nevertheless offer excellent services and often at cheaper rates, such as Only Sardinia and Ruvioli. 

Car rental in the city

There are also car rentals that are located in the centre of Olbia and deliver cars free of charge throughout the city: you can also choose to rent a car in the city centre and have it taken directly to the port, the airport or by taxi. All this at no extra charge, free of charge and very quickly.

Rent a car in Olbia without credit card with Move Around Sardinia →

Free roads, no tolls

There are no motorways in Sardinia! So if you rent a car, you will not have to incur the additional costs of tolls and queues at toll booths, you will be able to move around in total freedom and at zero cost. Sardinia is rich in provincial roads, some of which enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Crazy panoramas

You can drive on roads with coastal or rural panoramas... breathtaking! The roads in Sardinia are not simply roads but true tourist experiences. Some roads skim the sea, others pass through the thickest maquis. Some are busy with luxurious cars and in others you can see the shepherd moving the flock from one plot of land to another. 

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Along the Olbia- Porto Cervo road, there are several viewpoints where you can admire the landscape and buy cool drinks and street food snacks

Reduced traffic

Usually the roads in Olbia and the main towns in northern Sardinia are not very crowded because the beaches and boat trips attract residents and tourists alike. You can therefore enjoy relaxed and stress-free driving. During rush hour - such as when returning from the beach at around 6pm - there are parts of towns where small traffic jams occur. So keep this in mind if you have to take the ship or have other commitments. Remember, however, that Olbia is a city of 60,000 inhabitants, so its traffic cannot be compared to that of large metropolises.

Moving independently

Getting around Sardinia by public transport such as buses or trains is not easy because the connections are not extensive. Therefore, planning a holiday in Sardinia considering moving by these means is definitely risky. If you want to experience Sardinia and reach the hinterland from the coast or simply move between Olbia and Golfo Aranci or Palau, all you have to do is rent a car to be able to move around in total autonomy.

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