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Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries

Santa Teresa Gallura Bonifacio ferry offers. Discover the conditions and book online at the best price

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Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries 2024

Discover the best offers St. Teresa - and book online at the best price

Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries - Ichnusa Lines
Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries - Sardinia

Santa Teresa Gallura Bonifacio Ferries

The Port of Santa Teresa located in beautiful Sardinia, serves as a vital link to Bonifacio in neighbouring Corsica. This important maritime route offers almost 50 departures per week, thus ensuring a constant connection between Sardinia and Corsica.

The short journey time of just 30 minutes makes this route a convenient option for travellers wishing to explore both islands. The crossings are professionally and safely managed by the historic shipping companies Moby Lines & Ichnusa Lines, ensuring a reliable and pleasant travel experience.

This maritime link not only facilitates travel between Santa Teresa di and Bonifacio but also offers the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the and a unique travel experience

Santa Teresa Gallura Ferries prices

Ichnusa Lines Prices

two passengers from € 57
two passengers with car from €86
two passengers with motorbike from 77€

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Santa Teresa Gallura Ferries timetable 2024

There are almost 50 departures per week for the Santa Teresa Gallura Bonifacio.

timetable Santa Teresa Gallura - Bonifacio


times Bonifacio - Santa Teresa Gallura


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Santa Teresa Gallura Ferries: embarkations


Boarding Santa Teresa Gallura - Bonifacio

The Port of Santa Teresa is located right at the entrance to the town coming from . Embarking for Corsica you must enter the tunnel via Muntanea

Boarding Bonifacio Santa Teresa Gallura

The port of Bonifacio is easily accessible by car, by daily bus and also on foot thanks to the pay car parks nearby

Porto Santa Teresa Gallura
La Punzesa Quay
Port Bonifacio
Quai Noel Beretti
Porto Santa Teresa Gallura
La Punzesa Quay
Port Bonifacio
Quai Noel Beretti

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Maritime Station

In case of need, these are the contacts of the Santa Teresa Gallura Maritime Station

Management and front office
strada provinciale per il porto / via la Filetta

Corsica maritime station and embarkation:
gallery via Muntanea

Email: info@portosantateresa.com
+39 0789 751936
+39 348 734 7267

Porto Santa Teresa Gallura

And to close with a touch of prestige, the port of Santa Teresa has for many years received the international Blue Flag award, a tangible sign of its commitment to sustainable land management. The Blue Flag is a prestigious award given by the FEE, with the participation of the UN agencies UNEP and UNTWO, which confirms the beauty and sustainability of the place.

Between 2010 and 2015, the port obtained the international Blue Star Marine certification, earning 4 stars. This recognition, issued by the IMCI, is a guarantee of the quality of the services offered, positioning the Port of Santa Teresa among the best marinas in the world. We look forward to seeing you on board for an unforgettable maritime experience!

Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries 2024

Discover the best Santa Teresa - Bonifacio ferry deals and book online at the best price

Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries - Ichnusa Lines
Santa Teresa Bonifacio Ferries - Sardinia

Frequently asked questions

quick answers ⚡

Ferries to Bonifacio in Corsica depart from Santa Teresa di Gallura (Sardinia)

There are two ferries operating the Santa Teresa Gallura - Bonifacio route and vice versa: Ichnusa Lines, Moby

You can take a ferry from Santa Teresa Gallura.

Or you can get there on a boat excursion

The distance between Sardinia and Corsica varies depending on the specific location, but in general, the shortest distance is about 200 km as the crow flies.

On sunny days with clear skies, it is possible to see the 'cousin' island with the naked eye.

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