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Boat trips Golfo Orosei

Cala Gonone, Arabatax and Santa Maria Navarrese are the departure points for trips, excursions and dinghy hire for visiting the entire Gulf of Orosei and its enchanting bays.
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Boat trips Golfo Orosei

  • The Gulf of Orosei is located on the east coast of Sardinia and is easily accessible from Olbia, Nuoro, Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese.
  • From Cala Gonone trips, excursions and rib boat rental to visit the entire gulf and its enchanting bays
  • The town and the port are full of services, bars and restaurants.
  • Rich in services even well into October

Boat trips Golfo Orosei: how much they cost

  • Adult tickets: from € 30 to € 100
  • Children's tickets: from € 10 to € 30
  • Infant tickets: free

The fare varies according to the duration of the excursion, the boat used, the port of departure, the seasonality and the services offered.

For example, motorboat mini-cruises cost less than yachts or skippered dinghy trips.

Prices are indicative and not binding. Select the type of excursion you prefer to know the official price.

Excursions depart from Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax

Usually departures are from 9 to 10 a.m. and return from 5 to 6 p.m. It depends on the place of departure and the individual boat operating the excursion.

It is necessary to arrive early - at least 30 minutes and 45 minutes in August - in order to be able to carry out all boarding check-in operations correctly.

Agostino Charter, Consorzio Noleggiatori Cala Gonone, Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi, Ogliastra Turismo are among the best known companies.

You can choose from motorboats, yachts, guided excursions with skipper and dinghy hire

  • Adult tickets: from € 30 to € 100
  • Children's tickets: from € 10 to € 30
  • Infant tickets: free

The fare varies according to the duration of the excursion, the boat used, the port of departure, the seasonality and the services offered.

For example, motorboat mini-cruises cost less than yachts or skippered dinghy trips.

Prices are indicative and not binding. Select the type of excursion you prefer to know the official price.

On almost all boat trips, the Grotte del Bue Marinos will be used.

Please note that the visit is almost always optional and subject to a supplement.

The price of the entrance ticket to the Bue Marino caves is generally not included in the price of the boat trip. The Grotte del Bue Marino are managed directly by the Municipality of Dorgali, which organises guided tours with guides who will show you its wonders. The price of the ticket must be paid directly at the cave ticket office and is about €8-10 for adults and half for reduced ones.

The most important departure ports for seeing the Gulf of Orosei by boat are:

Cala Gonone
Santa Maria Navarrese

Boat trips Orosei Gulf: how to book

Booking online is a must, otherwise you risk not finding a seat. Also, online prices are often lower.

Choose the yacht, motorboat or boat you prefer from the proposals, you can see at a glance the duration, the rate and the port of departure.

On the page of each activity you can see the activities then choose your departure date and enter your details. There is no need to print the ticket, you can simply show it from your smartphone on the day of embarkation.

At least 48 hours in advance.

The Gulf of Orosei is a wonderful and world-famous location.

Especially in the high season, there is a risk of not finding a place if you book at the last second. For this reason, we recommend that you book as early as possible.

It is generally not possible to reserve a specific place on the motorboat.

All seats on any boat have a good view and there is always something to see in the park.

If you want a more exclusive service that is closer to your needs, you can choose private tours. In this case you will have the whole boat and crew at your disposal for you and your family.

You will be refunded your ticket or asked to choose another date.

All boat trips require suitable marine weather conditions that can guarantee safe navigation.

For this reason, it is up to the captain - for the safety of his passengers and the boat - to decide whether or not to carry out the excursion.

Boat trips Orosei Gulf: useful info

Parking in Cala Gonone is limited, so finding free parking in the harbour would be a real stroke of luck.

In any case, remember that Cala Gonone is a small town, so you can find parking nearby anyway.

Yes, the captain or an audio guide will describe the itinerary and points of interest you will encounter during the excursion. This service is usually multilingual.

Yes, the upper deck usually has large awnings that the crew opens to cover the passengers from the sun during the hottest hours. 

Take with you:

  • swimming costume
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses

Some motor vessels provide free of charge:

  • snorkelling mask
  • parasol

Check whether the ticket you are buying includes these services or not.

We recommend that you also bring a long-sleeved T-shirt because after a sunny day, you may suffer from the temperature difference on the way back. In general, bring whatever you think is appropriate for a day at the beach.

Of course, there is no problem.

You can easily bring your favourite food from home for lunch (in case your ticket does not include lunch) or a snack.

Yes, there is a bar on board with sandwiches, snacks, coffee and drinks.

These products are usually not included in the cost of the ticket. Some motor ships are very environmentally friendly and have abandoned the use of plastic and use only compostable and recyclable products.

Yes, there is a toilet on board.

There is usually a ladies' room and a gents' room.

This hike is suitable for everyone. It is perfect for all ages, great for families with children, groups of friends, couples, solo travellers.

You can choose your type of excursion and decide whether you want to book an exclusive boat or book a ticket and share this experience with other travellers.

We suggest you check the 'important information' section of each activity so that you can choose the trip and the provider that best suits your needs.

Of course! It would be a real shame not to go swimming in this corner of paradise! Each type of excursion includes several bathing stops - usually 3 or 4 - to allow you to relax and fully enjoy a day on a boat in the Gulf of Orosei.

We recommend that you bring a swimming costume and a towel, for swimming during the stops in the most beautiful bays of the Gulf of Orosei. If you feel like it, take a jumper with you as well, as it could be useful for the return trip. Don't forget your sunglasses or hat! In short, bring with you what you would bring for a day at the beach.

Yes, the itineraries always include stops at the beach.

There are usually 3-4 stops depending on the location of departure and the individual motor vessel making the excursion.

In addition, there will always be a stop for lunch

The beaches can be reached by footbridge or on a tender (a small dinghy).

Motorboats are always organised and prepared to provide maximum comfort for passengers of all ages.

Generally, yes.

For many operators, animals are welcome guests on board, as long as they are well-behaved and small in size.

Remember, however, that even if you can bring your dog on board, dogs are not allowed on the beach.

The usual stops are: Cala Fuili, Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzè.

Stops may vary depending on departure locations and marine weather conditions.

Golfo Orosei: what to see

The most famous bays in Golfo di Orosei are:

  • Cala Luna
  • Cala Sisine
  • Cala Biriola
  • Cala Mariolu
  • Cala Goloritzè
  • Cala Scirocco
  • Cala Tramontana

The Gulf of Orosei is located on the central-eastern coast of Sardinia. It is bordered to the north by Cape Comino near Siniscola and La Caletta. To the south it is bounded by Cape Monte Santo near Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax.

It is easily accessible from Olbia, Budoni, Dorgali, Arbatax, Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese with the SS 125 State Road Orientale Sarda. To reach the Gulf of Orosei from other towns in Sardinia such as Nuoro, Cagliari, Oristano and Sassari, take the SS 127 DCN.

In the gulf you will find the town of Orosei from which the gulf of the same name takes its name, and the village of Cala Gonone fraction of the municipality of Dorgali. The Gulf of Orosei stretches along more than 60 km of wild, unspoilt coastline, with sheer cliffs and beaches of fine white sand.

Cala Luna

Cala Luna beach has a mixed bed of very light sand and pebbles with dazzlingly clear blue waters. Behind the beach is a small natural lake set in a delightful wood of oleander and Mediterranean scrub. Near the beach are the openings of large grottos that are popular with climbers who climb the cliffs all year round.

Cala Sisine

This cove opens up at the end of a river gully, a codula that originates on the Golgo plateau in the Supramonte of Baunei. Set between splendid cliffs, it extends for about 200 metres and is known for its play of light and the incredibly turquoise colour of its water.

Cala Biriola

Indigo-coloured water experiencing all shades of blue, overlooked by a sheer cliff and a forest of junipers, holm oaks and Mediterranean scrub.

Cala Mariolu

It seems that the name of this cove is due to the monk seal that once stole fish from the fishermen, hence the name mariolo (thief). It is characterised by very clear shallow waters and surrounded by cliffs over 500 metres high.

Cala Goloritzè

Cala Goloritzè is a National Natural Monument. The beach is famous for its splendid limestone arch and the Spire, a limestone monolith about 140 metres high that towers over the small bay. The Goloritzè Spire is a spectacle of nature and a popular destination for rock climbers. It is also known because a famous biker performed more than 70 consecutive jumps on the back wheel of his bike in a space barely big enough to hold the whole bicycle. The beach is made up of tiny white pebbles, and navigation around the beach is prohibited in order to preserve its integrity.

Cala Scirocco

One of the fiords of Capo Monte Santo, the southern limit of the Gulf of Orosei. Portu Quau, its name means hidden port exposed to the wind blowing from the south east, is an extremely suggestive natural fjord.

CTramontana wing

Portu Pedrosu is an enchanting fjord at Capo Monte Santo, its name meaning a stony harbour exposed to the north winds. The bay is characterised by centuries-old junipers, white stones and emerald-coloured water.

Cala Gonone and the foca monaca

Cala Gonone is a small town in Sardinia located on the coast of the municipality of Dorgali. It is an ancient and very picturesque village, an important seaside and tourist centre on the east coast with a historic fishing port. Cala Gonone deserves special mention for the presence of the Sea Ox Cave which was once home to the monk seal.

La Monachus monachus - monk seal or sea ox - is a mammal of the pinniped superfamily that spends most of its life in the sea and on isolated beaches. At one time its distribution area was the entire Mediterranean Sea. Due to its tame and easily tamed character, many specimens were captured and used in circus shows. Due to other concomitant misfortunes, themonk seal range has been gradually declining. Monk seal colonies are currently reported in Greece, Turkey, Madeira and a few other places in the Mediterranean. Occasionally, monk seals are reported sporadic sightings of monk seals in Italy: Sicily, Sardinia, Tuscany and Apulia.

Le Grotte del Bue Marino in the territory of Dorgali near Cala Gonone were established, not only because of their beauty and particularity, but also with the intention of preserving the remaining monk seal specimens. Currently the Grotte del Bue Marino are managed by the Municipality of Dorgali, which organises guided tours. Departures to visit the Grotte del Bue Marino are from Cala Gonone and depending on the season there are several departures during the day.

Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu National Park

Established in 1998, the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu National Park extends mainly in the province of Nuoro, roughly including parts of the municipalities of Aritzo, Arzana, Baunei, Desulo, Dorgali, Fonni, Gairo, OlienaOrgosolo, Seui, Talana, Urzulei, Ussassai, Villagrande Strisaili.

The natural area of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu Park includes geographical territories with the most diverse characteristics: mountains, plateaus, cliffs and beautiful beaches. It includes the mountainous relief of Punta La Marmora, the highest mountain in Sardinia at 1,830 metres.

The Gennargentu mountain range and the coast of the Gulf of Orosei contain flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean coastal and higher mountain areas. Among the most important plant species are the poplar, the alder, the yew, the juniperthe holm oak and the corkcarob, myrtle and mastic.

Among the terrestrial fauna, the following can be seen Sardinian deer, mouflon, wild boar, fox, hare, dormouse, geotriton, discoglossus, gongilo. The avifauna is incredibly rich, and there are often reports of sightings of golden eaglekestrel, peregrine falcon, barn owl, kingfisher, stormbird, tern and Corsican gull.

In the territories of the park, in Barbagia and Ogliastra, there are many trails and famous supramonte treks. The 'Selvaggio Blu', one of the world's best known treks, is located in this area.

Oasis of Bidderosa

The Bidderosa oasis is bordered to the north by the beautiful beach of Bèrchida in the territory of Siniscola near the lighthouse of Capo Comino, south of Cala Liberotto and Orosei.

The terrestrial section of the nature reserve extends over more than 800 hectares and consists of a coastal foresta predominantly Aleppo pine and stone pine forest. However, there is no shortage of maquis such as cork, holm oak and juniper.

The coastal side overlooks the sea with 5 bays with crystal-clear water with just as many beaches of fine white sand. The beaches of Bidderosa are set in granite rocks emerging from the sea in the most varied shapes. The beaches are dotted with sea lilies sprouting from the white sand.

The Bidderosa oasis is known to be a place where time has stood stilla little paradise out of this world that you must visit to make your holiday in Sardinia complete.

The best tours Gulf of Orosei

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