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Reservation Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu

Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu are two of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of San Teodoro. Find out how to book beach admission, how much the ticket costs and how to get there.
Cala Brandinchi beach in spring

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Cala Brandinchi: online booking

is a beach located in the municipality of coastline in the north-east of Sardinia. It is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in northern Sardinia and is located south of the promontory of between Porto San Paolo and .

To preserve the beauty of this place, is limited in number. In fact, only 1349 people are allowed in.

Cala Brandinchi: how booking works

To secure access to the Cala Brandinchi beach, you can book your place online at San Teodoro Beaches  It is possible
  • choose the beach (Cala Brandinchi and )
  • see the number of places still available
  • pay by credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay
It is not possible
  • Choose a date far in advance
  • pay in cash on arrival
Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive the QR containing the booking code by email. This must be shown at the entrance and you will be given an ID bracelet.

During our test it happened that we did not receive the QR code. If this happens to you too, please send a WhatsApp message indicating email address or telephone number entered in the booking.

How much do you pay to enter Cala Brandinchi

The entrance fee to the beach varies depending on the type of user, you can see an updated table here.




maximum 6 persons per booking


reservations can be made for the following day at the latest

Residents are those who live in the municipality of San Teodoro.
During the booking process, you will be asked to enter your tax code.


€ 2 per person


maximum 6 persons per booking


reservations can be made for the following day at the latest

By other users is meant all those who do not live or own property in the municipality of San Teodoro


€ 1 per person


maximum 6 persons per booking


reservations can be made for the following day at the latest

They are those who stay in accommodation facilities (hotels, residences, b&b, campsites....) in the municipality of San Teodoro

In order to be able to purchase the ticket at a reduced price, it will be necessary to enter the code communicated by the participating establishment during checkout


€ 1 per person


maximum 6 persons per booking


reservations can be made for the following day at the latest

Tari members are those who are non-residents but are owners of a property in the municipality of San Teodoro.
During the booking process, you will be asked to enter your tax code.




maximum 6 persons per booking


reservations can be made for the following day at the latest

Valid for all
- Children from 5 to 12 years, even if they do not pay, must be counted in the total number of persons (max. 6 per booking)
- Children up to 5 years of age are not to be counted in the total number of persons
- Only one booking per day per tax code is possible

Remember that the reservation for Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu only concerns the beach entrance. The cost of parking is not included.

Booking via app and website

Online booking and purchase of entrance tickets for the beaches Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu can be made:

It is currently not possible to download apps from the Apple Store

When you can book

Bookings for Cala Brandinchi usually start in June. Bookings will be accepted while places are available.

Cala Brandinchi: how to get there

Cala Brandinchi by bus

One way to get to the beach of Cala Brandinchi is to take the San Teodoro Beach Bus. In fact, this shuttle bus takes you to all the main beaches in the area. In fact, in addition to Cala Brandinchi it also takes Lu Impostu, Puntaldia, and the Porto Coda Cavallo complex

Cala Brandinchi by bus: fares 2024

The San Teodoro Beach Bus is the cheapest and most comfortable means of getting around San Teodoro in complete freedom. Children under the age of 10 travel free of charge (with identification and accompanied), as do small animals, if provided with a leash and muzzle. There are also very convenient ticket carnets.

Single urban journey ticket (urban route) = € 2.00
Urban round-trip ticket = 3.00
Extra-urban single ticket (on the entire route) = € 3.00
Extra-urban round-trip ticket = € 5.00

Cala Brandinchi by bus: the map

The bus line to Cala Brandinchi only operates in June and September.

Cala Brandinchi by car

Cala Brandinchi is located in the promontory of and is easily reached by car from , Murta Maria ,Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro.

Cala Brandinchi car park and Lu Impostu car park

Parking is only charged from 1 June to 30 September. During the other months, parking is free.

Parking 1
Cala Brandinchi
Parking 2
Lu Impostu
Show Places
Cala Goloritze Oorsei
Parking 1
Cala Brandinchi

Paid parking

Reservation Cala Brandinchi E Lu Impostu - Sardinia
Parking 2

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Cala Brandinchi, services for frail persons

A range of services is available to meet the needs of disabled and frail persons.

To grant them access to the beach, there are specially designed walkways and wheelchair facilities.

In addition, there are specialised chairs, such as the sSEA EDIESspecially designed to help people with disabilities access the sea.

An escort service is also provided to ensure that disabled persons receive the necessary assistance.

As far as security is concerned, a first aid station at Cala Brandinchi beach to respond promptly to any medical emergencies. These services collectively aim to provide a supportive and inclusive experience for the disabled and frail.

Booking at Cala Brandinchi: quick answers ⚡

Frequently asked questions

The maximum capacity for Cala Brandinchi is 1447 persons, while Lu Impostu can accommodate up to 3352 persons. This count includes beach resort guests; however, children under 5 years of age are not included in the capacity limit.

Residents can access the beach free of charge and the booking process remains unchanged.

An additional step was introduced to ensure that residents' tax codes are aligned with the information in the resident population register. This verification is done automatically by the system, ensuring that only eligible residents have access to the beaches.

When booking through beach concessions, customers will have to wait for confirmation of the booking from the concession manager.

The procedure for those staying in San Teodoro is to register with the San Teodoro Municipality if they are customers of accommodation facilities. These registered customers will receive a unique code from their establishment. It is important to note that persons who choose to rent holiday homes that are not officially registered will not be able to take advantage of this privilege.

Yes, the website www.santeodorospiagge.it provides information on the number of places still available on each beach.

The price varies according to the users:

Residents: free
Non-residents: € 2 per person
Accommodation guests: € 1 per person
Children up to 12 years: free

See detailed table above for more details

The price varies according to the users:

Residents: free
Non-residents: € 2 per person
Accommodation guests: € 1

See the detailed table above.

The car park is located a few kilometres before the beach. It is entrusted to a private company and is chargeable.

Parking costs approximately € 2.50/hour. Camper vans are not permitted.

Remember that the beach entrance fee does not include the cost of parking, which must therefore be paid separately

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14 Responses

  1. And then I wanted to know if there are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent thank you

    1. Yes, there are establishments on the beach where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

  2. i cannot make a reservation how should i do it? you don't understand anything

  3. Hello I have just made a reservation for 16/07 but I have not been sent a QRcode I have sent a message to the number given, how do I do this? Then apart from that with the uni reservation you can arrive then that you want from 8am to 7pm or do you have to be there early anyway like last years?

    1. Hi Alessia, if you sent the WhatsApp message, they should reply! You can arrive at any time, but if you have a particular favourite spot, it is better to arrive early so that it is free.

  4. Me llegó el correo con la reserva para cala Lu Impostu pero el link para abrir el código QR no se abre. Cómo lo obtengo? La reserva es para hoy 30 de agosto

  5. Hallo,
    Wie lange geht eigentlich die Saison bzw wie lange muss man sich noch anmelden?

    Beste Grüße und danke!

  6. Hi ,

    How hard is it to secure a place on Cala Brandinchi? Do you have to be super fast once the booking for the next day opens or? Also, I noticed that you wrote that the bus to Cala Brandinchi operates only in June and September. We are coming in July, does that mean that we cannot move without a car? Thank you in advance.

    1. yes the beach is open but access is prohibited to cars. You can reach it with a few kilometres of walking 🙂 🙂

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