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How booking works for Oasi Biderosa

How to book the Biderosa Oasis ticket
Oasi Bidderosa, reservations

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Biderosa Oasis: online booking

L' is an area of about 530 hectares that includes 5 beautiful coves, an endless pine forest, ponds and hiking trails to enjoy the beauty of this area in the .

To preserve the beauty of this place, is limited in number.

How much do you pay to enter Oasi Biderosa

The cost of the entrance ticket varies depending on the type of user, you can see an updated table here.

€ 1
€ 6
€ 12
€ 3
€ 6
not allowed
not allowed

Cars with a 'Disabled' badge have a discount of 100% including the driver with a disability badge.

Extra services

When purchasing online, it is also possible to rent
sun loungers (€ 8)
parasols (€8)

How many places are available at Oasi Biderosa


1000 residents + 1000 non-residents


100 places


30 places

Other useful information

Access to the park is permitted from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

It is possible to enter the Biderosa Oasis from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

You must leave the park by 7.30 p.m.

Smoking is forbidden on the beach

The areas near the beaches are equipped with toilets.

At the park entrance, officials will check the validity of the ticket, number of persons and any concessions. In cases of discrepancies, the difference must be paid

Motorhomes cannot enter the Oasis but can park at the entrance and take the shuttle bus

Tickets to enter Biderosa can be purchased online (payment by credit card)

How to buy tickets for Biderosa

Tickets can be purchased in two ways:

  • directly at the ticket office at the park entrance
  • via the official website

    reservations cannot be made over the phone

How to get to Biderosa

The Biderosa oasis is located in the to about:
80 km.from
50 km. from
15 km from La Caletta
40 km. from

Oasi Biderosa
Show Places
Oasi Bidderosa, Reservations
Oasi Biderosa

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