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Panoramic Sea Views: 6 Places to Discover

The best viewpoints over the sea to see at least once in Sardinia. Some arise out of the blue, others have to be sought out.
Moon Valley Santa Teresa

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Where are the vantage points in Sardinia?

In Sardinia, there are so many things to see and so many places to visit. Decide what to see in northern Sardinia is an arduous task because there are well-known locations, but also many precious pearls that may be less known or difficult to reach, but which nevertheless have nothing to envy from the more famous locations.

Here is 6 points where you can enjoy a beautiful view

Madonna del Monte

La is an enchanting place located between and Porto Rotondo. You can get there by car (or on foot for the well-trained) along a lively road of bends, climbs and straights to the promontory.
The beauty of La is incomparable. Whichever way you turn your head, you can't help but lose yourself in the view of the sky, the sea and the Figarolo massifs and Tavolara.

Capo Figari

The headland of is characterised by imposing limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. Its white cliffs are made up of rocks shaped by the action of water and wind, offering shelter to a multitude of animals. The fauna of this Site of Community Interest - SCI area - is quite varied, with the mouflon, wild boar, fox, hare, tortoise, Corsican and herring gull, peregrine falcon, lesser shearwater, stormbird, cormorant and tufted cormorant among the most important exponents.

Also the typical Mediterranean flora is particularly rich and noteworthy. Among the best-known exponents present are myrtle, juniper, wild olive, holm oak, strawberry tree, cistus, helichrysum, heather, lavender and rosemary, mastic tree, rush and euphorbia.

It is possible to reach the summit of only on foot and after about 1 hour of walking. It is therefore important to choose a time when the temperature is mild to avoid suffering too much from the heat.

Capo Figari Cala Moresca Trail
Capo Figari path

Capo Ceraso

is located between and Porto San Paolo. is the promontory bordering the Gulf of on its summit is a fort overlooking the island of . This strip of land is characterised by wild, unspoilt nature and has small coves of white sand. The beaches of Capo Ceraso are generally uncrowded because they are difficult to reach from land. After a few minutes of winding around the promontory, a wide and marvellous view emerges, almost surprisingly, that includes the entire Gulf of Olbia, e . A panoramic view not to be missed


Coda Cavallo is located just after the hamlet of Monte Petrosu in the municipality of . The view of Coda Cavallo is among those emotions that one always carries in one's heart. Even Sardinians and locals usually return to this vantage point for the beauty and sense of the sacred. From Coda Cavallo you can admire the island of Tavolara from a particular perspective that seems to almost shrink the island symbol of the Olbia area and catch a glimpse of some of the wild coves frequented mostly by boats and dinghies

The peninsula of is characterised by fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear water in which all shades and gradations of blue can be experienced. In the vicinity of the peninsula of you will find some of the most beautiful beaches including , Salina Bamba, Baia Salinedda, Cala Suaraccia, and the Water Valley.

Capo Testa

is a beautiful peninsula in the north of Sardinia a few kilometres from Santa Teresa di Gallura che affaccia sulle Bocche di . The promontory ends with the lighthouse facing the coast of Corsica and is very famous because it houses the .

Moon Valley

There is a magical place, still in time and history. Wild and authentic, protected by large rocks smoothed by the wind and rich vegetation composed of junipers and . This place is called Cala Grande but is known by everyone as .

La Valle della Luna a small valley about 500 m long in the western part of the promontory of in St. Teresa . The name 'Moon Valley' was given to it around the 1960s by a hippy community that lived there.

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