9 Beaches to See in and around Budoni

The 9 Beaches to See in and around Budoni: beaches not to be missed on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. Between fine sand and pine forests.
Dune Pineta Macchia Mediterranea Budoni
Sergio Atzori
Sergio Atzori
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The 9 a and its surroundings: must-see beaches south of on the north-east coast of Sardinia.

Budoni and the most beautiful beaches in the area

Budoni is a town located in the north-east of Sardinia, south of and San Teodoro. A delightful village which runs along the main road with green, rolling hills behind it that are reflected in the sea.

The sea in the Budoni area is known for its clear, enchanted waters with the typical colours of the Sardinian east coast. In 2022 Budoni has been awarded the Blue Flag. Let us discover together the stretch of coastline from Budoni to Porto .


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Porto Ainu beach: unusual

Sea Lily Visible On Beaches In Sardinia
Sea Lily Visible On Beaches In Sardinia

Porto Ainu in the vicinity of Taunanella lies immediately south of Budoni. An unusual beach, with coarse-grained sand that does not stick and creep into bags, parasols and beach equipment.

The beach is set in an enchanting context with lush vegetation, transparent seabed, a small pond and the cool, beautiful Tanaunella pine forest in the background.

The Porto Ainu beach and the Taunanella pine forest are also ideal for events and weddings, the lovely beach and the cool pine forest allow one to appreciate the place in any season and at any time of day.

How to get to Porto Ainu Beach

Budoni beach: convenient

The Budoni beach is a long sandy shore which is divided into beaches with different names. Further south is the part called Sant'Anna Beach, going up is the Budoni Beach and then the part called Stella Marina or Lido del Sole di Budoni to the north.

A well-equipped beach with everything what you may need during a day at the beach. This beach can be reached very easily on foot starting from the town centreIt is a place frequented by families because it is very convenient for children.

How to get to Budoni Beach

Salamaghe beach with pine forest: fragrant

Budoni La Pineta Beaches
Budoni La Pineta Beaches

Salamaghe beach is very close to the centre of Budoni and is easy to reach both on foot and by carTo get to the beach, it is necessary to cross a small wooden bridge. A beach that has several similarities with the Beaches between Olbia and San Teodoro.

This beach is characterised by the presence of a lush pine forest and a small river. In the back dune area there is a tin which often hosts the pink flamingos intent on eating their favourite food - Artemia salina. There are concessions on the beach where you can hire parasols and sunbeds, and it is equipped with everything you need. 

How to get to Salamaghe Beach

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You can see everything from above or... from the water

Dogs' Beach: cosy

The northern part of Salamaghe Beach is known as Fido Beach where the animals are welcome and you can therefore spend a day at the beach with your four-legged furry friend. Clear water with small reefs semi-submerged, shallow water, it is a beautiful, well frequented beach.

How to get to the Dog Fido Beach

Li Cucutti beach: wild

9 Beaches to See in and around Budoni
Sea In Sardinia Beach With Dunes

Li Cucutti is a very long sandy beach north of Budoni, a wonderful beach for walking and admiring nature as far as the eye can see. Its beautiful dunes separate it from the few dwellings in the area, accentuating its wild nature. Very fine, almost impalpable, white sand flows into the azure sea.

How to get to Li Cucutti Beach

Li Cuppulati beach: crystal clear

Li Cuppulati is the northern part of Li Cucutti south of Ottiolu, a succession of small coves reserved and sometimes concealed. It is the beach overlooking the sea of the small town of Agrustus, frequented by residents and tourists alike all year round to enjoy its tranquillity and admire its crystal-clear waters.

How to get to Li Cuppulati Beach

Cala Cuppetti beach: concealed

9 Beaches to See in and around Budoni
Beaches And Sea With Enchanting Colours In Sardinia

Spiaggia Cuppetti is located north of Budoni, south of Ottiolu beyond the hill of Isola Alta where there is a hidden beach which ends in the beautiful, pebbly Cala Cupetti.

This beach can be reached by following a beaten dirt path, which is generally poorly frequented at any time of the yearthus allows you to enjoy silence and relaxation even in summer.

How to get to Cala Cuppetti Beach

Ottilou Beach: worthy

The small town of Porto Ottiolu has a respectable beachIt is easy to reach because it is very close to the centre and the port. Despite its proximity to the marina, its waters are really clear and limpid. Sand with all around the green of the and the typical plants of Sardinia. Definitely worth visiting during a holiday in the area.

How to get to Ottilou Beach

Cala dei Francesi beach: pristine

9 Beaches to See in and around Budoni
Colour of the Sea in Sardinia Beaches

Cala dei Francesi is a pretty cove to the north of Porto Ottiolu. It is not easily reached by everyone also because it is very little known. It is a small beach hidden from most that is certainly worth a visit for the unspoilt nature surrounding it.

How to get to Cala Dei Francesi Beach

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