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Tuerredda beach Reservation of establishments and free beach

How to book entry to La Tuerredda beach establishments and check beach availability
Tuerredda beach, Teulada. Online booking.

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Tuerredda beach: where it is located

The Tuerredda Beach is located along the southern coast of Sardinia, Italy. Precisely, it is located in the municipality of Teulada, in the province of Cagliari. The beach is renowned for its fine golden sand, crystal-clear waters and scenic beauty.

The Tuerredda Beach is considered one of the Sardinia's most beautiful beachesand is appreciated both for its natural beauty and for activities such as the .

As of 2020, the Tuerredda beach has a limited number of visitors, so you have to book online.

Tuerredda beach: how booking works

Beach La Pelosa is a popular destination for thousands of locals and tourists. For this reason - precisely to protect the beauty of this place - access to the beach is limited

How many people can enter?

The maximum number of people that can enter the Tuerredda beach is: 1,100 divided in this way.

729 places

are reserved for the free beach

329 places

are reserved for bookings at bathing establishments

How to book free beach The Tuerredda?

In contrast to other beaches, such as or La Pelosa, it is not possible to book entry to the free beach.

The input is then determined by theorder of arrival at the beach. Operators will count people and let in up to 729 people from 08:00 to 18:00.

How to book bathing establishment The Tuerredda?

To book access to the bathing establishment, please call the following numbers:

+39 339 724 6817
+39 070 20 82 113 (WhatsApp only)

Tropic Mediterranean
+39 351 766 9307

How to check seat availability?

We have seen that it is not possible to book entry to the free beach. So how can we make sure that we do not go to the beach and then find that there is no more room?

On the Tuerredda beach website you can see the availability in real time

It is possible that you check the available places at 9 a.m., for example, and then when you get to the beach you discover that there are none left. This is because, especially in high season, places sell out very quickly.

We therefore recommend checking availability at Porto Pino or Chia so that you can go to other beaches if places have run out in the meantime.

How much is La Tuerredda entrance fee


Admission to the beach is free. An offer is welcome


  • Open the app
  • Enter the number of people and 
    choose an available date
  • pay online by credit card or rechargeable card
  • after payment you will receive confirmation by e-mail
  • click on the link in the e-mail and download the QR CODE


In case you encountered any malfunctions when booking online, you can contact these numbers
Telephone +39 376 0622272
WhatsApp +39 331 7807270

The QR code will be scanned at the entrance to the beach, so keep the email confirming your reservation well. You will not be able to enter without the QR.

All persons included in the booking must enter at the same time. It is not possible to use the same code for staggered entries

What if it rains?
Unfortunately, there is no refund.

La Tuerredda beach: regulations


# no smoking

smoking is prohibited on the beach. There are, however, specifically delimited and authorised areas where it is permitted.

# no plastic

At Tuerredda, as on many other beaches in Sardinia, it is forbidden to carry plastic dishes, plastic bags, and disposable plastic containers.

👍 Protecting the environment is important carry steel thermos, wrap your sandwiches in paper instead of cellophane or tin foil

# animals

animals are only allowed in authorised spaces


There are also other 'good habits' that would be better observed to respect and protect the environment and the beach. They are not part of the municipal regulations, there are no fines if you do not respect them. But they are small behaviours with a very positive impact on the environment 

# leaves the sand... at the beach

always to preserve the beach and avoid unintentionally taking grains of sand with you, try to clean your personal belongings (toys, towels, clothes) well.
Leave as much sand as possible at the beach.

# dune

We know, the temptation is strong but getting on top of them destroys them. But you can look at them, take pictures, tag them and admire them

Practice 'Leave No Trace' while exploring. Do not touch or disturb marine life and respect your surroundings.

La Tueredda beach: parking

Near the beach there is a pay car park with 100 parking spaces. The cost is 10€ per day. A little further away there are two other free car parks.

La Tueredda beach: map

La Tueredda beach: info point

Info Point - Teulada
Opening hours:
9.00 - 13.30
14.30 - 18.00

+39 350 025 7063 - info@visitteulada.it

Info Point - Porto Teulada
Opening hours:
9.00 - 13.00
15.00 - 19.00

+39 377 093 0563 - turismoteulada.porto@gmail.com

Tuerredda beach reservation

quick answers ⚡

Yes, a maximum of 1,100 people may enter in this way:

  • 729 places for the free beach
  • 329 places for establishments

Entrance can only be booked in the establishments.

It is not possible to reserve entrance to the free beach

On the website tuerredda.spacli.it you can check available places online for the free beach and book places for the establishments

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