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Sardinia Mountains: Limbara Sequoias

1 day in Gallura to see the sequoias of Mount Limbara. A unique opportunity to discover Sardinia in the mountains, hidden and amazing.
Sequoias Vallicciola Monte Limbara Sardinia

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In Sardinia has monumental sequoias, it's really true. In the park of Vallicciola on Mt. The most photographed trees that undoubtedly attract everyone's attention are the splendid sequoia specimens.

Monumental Sequoias in Sardinia

Redwoods in Sardinia can be seen in Vallicciola, a delightful mountain hamlet on the summit of the . The towering sequoias that inhabit the mountain in the area of are truly majestic, touching the 40 metres high. Planted at the beginning of the last century, they have long guarded the Vallicciola forest; a green area of incomparable beauty, a well-maintained evergreen forest.

Due to the variety of species present and the particular biodiversity found, this area is a SIC: the Monte Limbara Site of Community Importance. This site is included in the municipalities of Calangianus, Berchidda and Oschiri and reaches Lake Coghinas.

The sequoias of Vallicciola that dwell on Mount Limbara are included in thelist of census by the Forestry Corps and therefore enjoy special protection.

An area worth visiting in every season of the year.

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Spend a day in the heart of the to discover the unusual, hidden and astonishing mountainous Sardinia.

Vallicciola, Sardinia in the mountains

A real equipped monumental forest. The area where the redwoods are located is a perfect area for spending a cool day and taking shelter from the summer heat. There are picnic tables in the redwood forest, small streams crossed by handmade wooden bridges, fences that accompany the route and also a small votive area.

A bucolic scene outside the usual situations experienced in Sardinia and the neighbouring . A place where there is no crowd and where you can spend a day in the green in the company of nature, in silence and certainly in the cool. On the edge of the park is a recently renovated hotel, the Vallicciola Monte Limbara Nature Hotel, for those who enjoy walking and relaxing. At the entrance to the park is also La Baita, a pretty kiosk with a bar and small restaurant where you can sample tasty local products.

In this natural area there are trekking and beautiful mountain biking routes.

The peak of Gallura: Mount Limbara

Protecting and controlling the verdant Gallura hills stands Mount Limbara, third peak of the islandcertainly one of the most popular mountain areas in Sardinia. The Limbara massif boasts granite rocks sculpted by the wind in enchanting colours, streams, springs and forests dense vegetation that provide shelter to the many animal species that inhabit the area.

From the peaks of Mount Limbara - and from the highest Punta Sa Berritta 1,362 m - one enjoys a three hundred and sixty degree panorama, overlooking the with the , the Gulf of with e Capo Figarithe La Maddalena Archipelago National Park with its islands. An exciting aerial view of northern Sardinia from the highest peak of Gallura to the Corsica.

The summit of the mountain is over 1,300 metres above sea level, which makes it possible to find various climate zones with vegetation ranging from shrubs of the , at typical plants of Sardinia to the large mountain trees. Among the multitude of plant species that populate Mount Limbara are expanses of oaks such as holm oaks and cork oaks, downy oaks and cool pine forests. Among all the vegetal presences, the Rosa del Limbara, a peony as rare as it is beautiful, stands out in particular. The animal kingdom includes eagles, buzzards, hawks, wild boars, hares and rabbits, weasels, martens; a true nature reserve.

One of the oldest and most historical sites of the Ente Foreste della Sardegna is located on Mount Limbara where reforestation work has been carried out and pines, cedars and firs have been repopulated.

Limbara peak with panoramic view: what to see

  • Church of Santa Maria della Neve
  • Punta Sa Berritta
  • Bunta Balistreri
  • NATO Station Former American Base

Redwoods surveyed in Italy

These beautiful monumental trees can be found in some regions of Italy. In the peninsula the redwoods located further south are found in Sardiniain Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.

In addition to the famous sequoias of Mount Limbara, also visited are those found in Trentino Alto Adige, Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. Some populations are also reported in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Valle d'Aosta, Liguria and Molise.

American Sequoias, tall trees

Giant sequoias are perennial trees considered among the largest in the world because under optimal conditions they can reach over 100 metres in height and over 15 metres in stem diameter.

Redwoods are native to forested areas of North AmericaThey have trunks that soar into the sky as if resembling a colonnade. The bark is dark tending to red, aromatic and fragrant, and the foliage is lush. Very famous are the redwoods found in the Sierra Nevada and generally in the great American parks, especially in California and Sequoia National Park.

What to see around the sequoias

La of Aggius
If you decide to take a trip to the heart of Gallura to see Mount Limbara, on the way stop to photograph the rocks of the of Aggius. Be amazed by the beauty of these boulders shaped by all the forces of nature.

Nuraghe Izzana
Near the rocks of the Valle della Luna (Moon Valley) in Aggius you can also see the majestic nuragic building Izzana, considered the largest nuraghe in Gallura, which is located on the border of the municipalities of Tempio Pausania and Aggius

The city of Tempio Pausania
The delightful village of Tempio Pausania is certainly worth a visit, at any time of year. The capital of Gallura and cork is a town with wonderful granite rocks, rich in history and medieval churches.

Sardinia in the Mountains: Sequoie Del Limbara - Sardinia
Nuraghe Izzana Near Valle Della Luna Di Aggius

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