Visit North Sardinia In 10 Photos

The island of Caprera is the second largest in the archipelago and is connected to the island of La Maddalena by a bridge. It boasts a small inhabited settlement, the village of Stagnali, and is famous for having hosted Giuseppe Garibaldi in the last years of his life. The island is home to the Garibaldi Compendium where you can visit Garibaldi's House, the General's Tomb and the Garibaldi Memorial Museum. Caprera is also home to the prestigious Centro Velico Caprera where you can learn real sailing at sea aboard high performance boats and dinghies in what is considered an earthly paradise.

The coastline is one of the island's best known and most beautiful, including the enchanting Spiaggia del Relitto in the south-east and the wonderful Cala Coticcio in the north-east. The Mediterranean maquis, the pine forests that cover it, and the juniper and holm-oak woods create a magical atmosphere with a characteristic intense scent of nature that cannot be forgotten.