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Disney's Little Mermaid on the Beaches of North Sardinia

Sardinia is usually chosen for the beauty of its sea. This is precisely why Disney decided to film The Little Mermaid.
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Halle Bailey Disney's Little Mermaid in Sardinia Santa Teresa Gallura Cala Moresca

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Disney's Little Mermaid swims in Sardinia

Disney's Little Mermaid is ready to swim in the Sardinian sea. La Disney in fact chose the island and in particular the North Sardinia beaches as the location for filming the remake of the 1989 cartoon

They must have been spoilt for choice as Sardinia is full of unique places.

In any case, the production chose to shoot many scenes between Santa Teresa Gallura, Castelsardo e Golfo Aranci because of the beauty of the beaches and coastline, so picturesque and evocative of the magical atmosphere of an animated film.

Halle Bailey Disney's Little Mermaid in Sardinia. Instagram photo

Disney's Little Mermaid in Cala Moresca

Will the Little Mermaid - played by Halle Bailey as Ariel - also emerge from the beach at Cala Moresca? We don't know yet. What we do know for sure is that a film set has been set up in Cala Moresca, transforming it into a small Cinecittà on the beach. To see it we will wait until 2023 when Disney will distribute the film all over the world.

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