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The Most Fascinating Archaeological Sites (with map) in Sardinia to Visit

Discover the most important and fascinating archaeological sites in Sardinia: from nuraghi to the Tombs of the Giants, discover open-air monuments.

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Table of contents

Nuraghi Sardinia, map

Map of archaeological sites in Sardinia

Archaeological Area of Monte
Nuraghe Scalas archaeological area
Nuraghe Mannu Archaeological Area
S'Ortali 'e Su Monti Archaeological Area
Bau Nuraxi
Antigori Nuraghe archaeological complex
Palmavera Nuragic Complex
Nuragic Complex and Nuraghe of Noddule
Sos Nurattolos Nuragic Complex
Su Nuraxi Nuragic Complex
Nuragic spring of Su Notante
Nuragic spring Su Lidone or Santa Lulla
The Nuraghe of Lake Coghinas
The Nuraghe of Seddone
The Return Of The Nuraghe
Su Mulinu Archaeological Museum
Museum of the Valley of the Nuraghi of Logudoro-Meilogu
Nuragic Exhibition Museum
Nuraghe 'e Portu
Nuraghe Monte Littu
Nuraghe Sa Gurutta
Nuraghe Sas Doppias
Nuraghe Su Nurache
Nuraghe Su Nuraxi - Samatzai
Nuraghe Forti Becciu
Nuraghe Su Cunventu
Nuraghe Abbaìa
Nuraghe Abbauddi
Nuraghe Adoni, Villanova Tulo
Nuraghe Agnu
Nuraghe Aiga
Nuraghe Ala
Nuraghe Albucciu
Nuraghe Aleri
Nuraghe Alteri
Nuraghe Antoniarrù
Nuraghe Ardasai
Nuraghe Arrubiu
Nuraghe Asoru
Nuraghe Attentu
Nuraghe Aurù
Nuraghe Barrabisa
Nuraghe Barriatogghju
Nuraghe Bastianazzu
Nuraghe Bau 'e Tanca
Nuraghe Benas
Nuraghe Bia
Nuraghe Biunisi
Nuraghe Boschinu
Nuraghe Burghidu
Nuraghe Busauru
Nuraghe Cae, Pozzomaggiore
Nuraghe Candelargiu
Nuraghe Coa 'e Serra
Nuraghe Coi Casu
Nuraghe Conca di Riu
Nuraghe Corbos
Nuraghe Corros de trubutzu
Nuraghe Corru Longu
Nuraghe Crabia
Nuraghe Crabioni
Nuraghe Crastu
Nuraghe Cuccuru Nuraxi
Nuraghe Cugui
Nuraghe Cugulasu
Nuraghe d'Agliacana
Nuraghe De Rosa
Nuraghe Demuro
Nuraghe of Is Paras
Nuraghe of Monte Ruju / Naracu di Mònti Ruju
Nuraghe of Sassari 2
Nuraghe Don Micheli
Nuraghe Dronnoro
Nuraghe Duvilinò
Nuraghe and Church of Santa Sabina
Nuraghe and Tomb of the Giants Nieddïo
Nuraghe and Tombs of the Giants of Seleni
Nuraghe Elighe Onna
Nuraghe Fenu
Nuraghe Floris
Nuraghe Facing Mola
Nuraghe Gasoru
Nuraghe Genna Corte
Nuraghe Genna Maria
Nuraghe Gianbasile
Nuraghe Giannas
Nuraghe Giardoni
Nuraghe Gilorthi
Nuraghe Goni
Nuraghe Guardia Manna
Nuraghe Gulunie or Osalla
Nuraghe Gurguniai
Nuraghe Iloi
Nuraghe Intro 'e Serra
Nuraghe Intro 'e padente (Mereu)
Nuraghe is Cangialis
Nuraghe Is Meris
Nuraghe Iscrallotze or Bolessene
Nuraghe Ispiene
Nuraghe Izzana
Nuraghe La Prisgiona
Nuraghe Larthiò
Nuraghe Latt'e Pudda
Nuraghe Lerno
Nuraghe Li Conchi
Nuraghe Lighei
Nuraghe Littu
Nuraghe Litu Ertiches
Nuraghe Livrandu
Nuraghe Longu
Nuraghe Longu di Padria
Nuraghe Loppelie
Nuraghe Losa
Nuraghe Lu Naracacciu
Nuraghe Lu Naracu
Nuraghe Lu Palazzu
Nuraghe Luchìa
Nuraghe Lugherras
Nuraghe Majori
Nuraghe Mannu
Nuraghe Mannucciu
Nuraghe Marcolinu
Nuraghe Mindeddu
Nuraghe Mitza Sa Granaccia
Nuraghe Monte Carru
Nuraghe Monte E Forru
Nuraghe Monte Ollastu
Nuraghe Monte Pranu
Nuraghe Monti Canaglia
Nuraghe Monti Canu
Nuraghe Moru
Nuraghe Municca
Nuraghe Mura Fratta II
Nuraghe Muristene
Nuraghe Nanni Arrù (Quartucciu)
Nuraghe Nastasi
Nuraghe Nerelie
Nuraghe Neulè
Nuraghe Nieddu
Nuraghe Nieddu
Nuraghe Nieddu
Nuraghe Nolza Archaeological Area - Ortuabis Cooperative
Nuraghe Noriolo
Nuraghe Nuracacciu
Nuraghe Nuracale
Nuraghe Nuraddeo
Nuraghe Nurassolu
Nuraghe Nuraxi
Nuraghe Nuraxi Figus
Nuraghe Nurru
Nuraghe Oes
Nuraghe Oisu
Nuraghe Orgodùri
Nuraghe Orgono
Nuraghe Orgosì, Ghilarza
Nuraghe Orolio
Orolo nuraghe, Bortigali
Nuraghe Orosai
Nuraghe Orotzeris
Nuraghe Osseli
Nuraghe Paddaggiu
Nuraghe Pedru Pascale
Nuraghe Perchetta
Nuraghe Perd'e Sorris
Nuraghe Ponte, Dualchi
Nuraghe Porceddus
Nuraghe Porto Pirastu
Nuraghe Purruddu
Nuraghe rio mannu
Nuraghe Riu Mulinu Cabu Abbas
Nuraghe Riu Runaghe, Ardara
Nuraghe Ruinas
Nuraghe Ruju
Nuraghe Ruju
Nuraghe Ruju of Buddusò
Nuraghe Rumanedda
Nuraghe S' Iscopalzu - Arainidde
Nuraghe S'Abuleu
Nuraghe S'Acqua Seccis
Nuraghe S'Arroccu
Nuraghe S'Aspru
Nuraghe S'Ega Marteddu
Nuraghe S'Iscampiatòrju
Nuraghe S'Omu de S'Orcu
Nuraghe S'Ulimu
Nuraghe S'Uracheddu Piudu
Nuraghe s'Urachi
Nuraghe Sa Chidade
Nuraghe Sa Domu 'e s'Orcu
Nuraghe sa Domu 'e s'Orcu
Nuraghe Sa Iba Manna
Nuraghe Sa Jua
Nuraghe Sa Mura
Nuraghe Sa Perdaia
Nuraghe Sa Teria
Nuraghe Sa Thurulia
Nuraghe Sa Turrita
Nuraghe Sàlighe Biancu
Nuraghe Salonis
Nuraghe Samuccu
Nuraghe San Giovanni
Nuraghe San Lorenzo
Nuraghe San Pietro
Nuraghe San Sebastiano
Nuraghe Sanilo
Nuraghe Sant'Anastasia, Soddì
Nuraghe Santa Barbara
Nuraghe Santa Barbara, Macomer
Nuraghe Santu Antine - Torralba
Nuraghe Santu Miali
Nuraghe Sanu
Nuraghe Sartalai
Nuraghe Sas de Melas
Nuraghe Scalas
Nuraghe Sellersu
Nuraghe Semestène
Nuraghe Seneghe
Nuraghe Serbissi
Nuraghe Serra Crastula
Nuraghe Serra Madau
Nuraghe Seruci
Nuraghe Sighientu de Susu
Nuraghe Simieri
Nuraghe Sirai
Nuraghe Sisini
Nuraghe Spighia
Nuraghe Su Canali E Is Piroddis
Nuraghe Su Entosu
Nuraghe Su Motti
Nuraghe Su Nuraxi 'e Pauli
nuraghe Su Sune (ArcheOliena)
Succoronis nuraghe, Macomer
Nuraghe Tanca Manna
Nuraghe Taulera
Nuraghe Tilariga, Bultei
Nuraghe Tilzitta
Nuraghe Tussu
Nuraghe Unia
Nuraghe Ura 'e Sole
Nuraghe Urceni
Nuraghe Vignamarina
Nuraghe Zuras
Nuraghi Turri and Monte Castello di Quirra
Nuraghe Arrubiu Oasis
Nuraghe Appiu Archaeological Park
Sa Domu Beccia Nuragic Palace
Nuragic Sanctuary of Santa Vittoria
Su Nuraxi of Barumini
Tomb of the Giants and Nuraghe Imbertighe
Valley of the Nuraghi Cabu Abbas - Torralba (ss)

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Archaeological sites in Sardinia

Sardinia is rich in archaeological sites of great importance and interest. The thousand-year history of the island is evidenced by numerous archaeological testimonies, ranging from prehistoric times to Roman times.

Archaeological sites in Sardinia: what they are

 Here are some of the most important archaeological sites

Nuraghe of Barumini

Located in the Medio Campidano region, the Nuraghe of Barumini is one of the most famous and best-preserved nuragic sites in Sardinia. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.


Located in the , in the province of Oristano, Tharros is an ancient Phoenician and later Roman city. The site contains ruins of temples, baths, an amphitheatre and necropolis.

Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju

Located on the southern coast of the island, near Pula, Nora is an archaeological site dating back to Phoenician and Roman times. One can admire the remains of an amphitheatre, a basilica, a Roman villa and a necropolis.

Necropolis of Tuvixeddu

Located in the heart of Cagliari, the Necropolis of Tuvixeddu is a Punic and Roman necropolis with over 1,200 tombs excavated in the rock. It is one of the largest and oldest burial sites on the island.

Sanctuary of Monte d'Accoddi

Located near Porto Torres, the Monte d'Accoddi Sanctuary is an ancient sacred site dating back to the Neolithic and Copper Age. It features a megalithic temple in the shape of a ziggurat.

Tombs of the Giants

The Tombs of the Giants are prehistoric burial monuments dating back to the Bronze Age, characterised by large vertical stones that create a kind of corridor or burial chamber. There are several Tombs of the Giants scattered throughout the island.

Archaeological sites in Sardinia: frequently asked questions

Quick Questions and Answers ⚡

It is estimated that there are more than 7,000 nuraghi in Sardinia, which are unique megalithic structures characteristic of the island. Nuraghi are towers or fortified complexes built of stone, dating back to the Bronze Age (around 1800-900 BC) and considered a symbol of Sardinia's identity and history. Each nuraghe is unique in its shape and structure, with some towers reaching heights of over 20 metres. These ancient constructions are scattered throughout the island, particularly in the central and northern areas. Some of the most famous nuraghi include Su Nuraxi di Barumini, Nuraghe Losa, Nuraghe Santu Antine and Nuraghe Palmavera, but there are many more to discover during a trip to Sardinia.

Sardinia has not been 'discovered' in the traditional sense, as the island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Human presence in Sardinia dates back thousands of years, with archaeological evidence dating back to the Neolithic Age, around 6000-4000 BC. During the following millennia, different cultures succeeded each other on the island, including the Nuragics, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and other populations that influenced the history and culture of the island.

The oldest town in Sardinia is considered to be Nora, located on the south-western coast of the island, near the town of Pula. The origins of Nora date back to the Iron Age, around the 9th century B.C., when it was founded by the Phoenicians. Later, the city came under the control of the Carthaginians and then the Romans.

Nora's strategic position, with its natural harbour and its proximity to the African coast, has made it an important commercial and military centre over the centuries. The archaeological site of Nora reveals the ancient structure of the city, with its streets, temples, baths, amphitheatre and Roman dwellings. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia and attracts visitors from all over the world interested in discovering traces of the island's ancient history.

Yes, Sardinia hosts several areas that have been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These areas have been selected for their cultural, historical or natural importance. Here are some of the UNESCO areas in Sardinia:

  1. Su Nuraxi di Barumini: Su Nuraxi is an archaeological site comprising a Nuragic complex dating back to the Bronze Age, located in the municipality of Barumini. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its importance in the understanding of Nuragic culture.

  2. Archaeological Area of Tharros: Located in the In the western part of Sardinia, the archaeological site of Tharros was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2011. The site preserves the ruins of an ancient Phoenician-Punic and Roman city.

  3. Su Romanzesu Archaeological Area: This archaeological site is located in the region of Abbasanta, in the central part of Sardinia. It was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021 and is considered an important site for understanding the Bronze Age in the region.

  4. Sulcis Iglesiente Geopark: The Sulcis Iglesiente Geopark, located in the south-western part of Sardinia, was recognised as a UNESCO Geological Heritage Site in 2010. This area is known for its extraordinary geology and unique landscapes, such as the Pan di Zucchero rock formations and coal mines.

These are just some of the areas that have received UNESCO recognition in Sardinia, but the island is also home to other sites of great historical and natural importance.

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