Pittulongu beach in Olbia: a paradise of sand and sea

The beach of Pittulongu is a favourite destination for the people of Olbia. Frequented all year round, it reserves its charm during all seasons
Pittulongu beach, sunbeds and umbrellas early morning

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Pittulongu Beach

offers a perfect combination of natural beauty and well-maintained facilities. While many of the beaches can become crowded during the summer season, maintains a relative tranquillity due to the fact that it is very wide and long. Its wide expanses of sand make it easy for visitors to find a place to relax, lay down a towel and enjoy the sun in serenity.


ideal for families

public transport

sandy seabed

activities and services

Trattoria Rossi
Trattoria Rossi

Seafood restaurant with an enchanting sea view.

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Pittulongu's most beautiful photos

Sea Lily Visible On Beaches In Sardinia
Sea Lily Visible On Beaches In Sardinia

Pittulongu beach, crystal-clear sea a stone's throw from Olbia

One of the most fascinating features of Pittulongu is the crystal-clear sea that stretches to the horizon. The transparent, turquoise waters are irresistible for anyone who loves swimming or wants to take the children to the beach. In fact, the shallow, sandy seabed makes this beach ideal also for families with children.

Pittulongu beach, restaurants and umbrellas

Pittulongu Beach, Sunbeds And Umbrellas Early Morning
Pittulongu Beach, Sunbeds And Umbrellas Early Morning

Pittulongu also does not disappoint those who wish to enjoy the sea in the round. Various services are available on the beach such as

In addition, on the beach of Pittulongu there are historical as Trattoria Rossi and Il Tetto Rosso open from breakfast until dinner and after dinner and known to for fresh fish cuisine. Mama Beach is also a strong restaurant for aperitifs and after dinner.

Pittulongu beach, fantastic sunrises and sunsets

Pittulongu Beach In Olbia: Paradise Of Sand And Sea - Sardinia
Pittulongu Beach - Sunrise During Event On Sole Ballende
Pittulongu is also famous for its spectacular sunsets. As the sun gently sets behind the horizon, the sky is tinged with shades of gold, orange and pink, creating a romantic and evocative backdrop. It is a perfect time for a romantic walk on the beach or to take breathtaking photographs. We recommend staying until late in the evening, the most beautiful time!

Where are the car parks in Pittulongu

Pittulongu beach is located a few kilometres from Olbia, in the direction of . It is the 'beach of the Olbiesi' perhaps also because it is the most convenient, being the first one encountered coming out of Olbia heading north.

Parking spaces
FREE Parking 1
FREE Parking 2
Pittulongu Beach In Olbia: Paradise Of Sand And Sea - Sardinia
Parking spaces
Pittulongu Beach In Olbia: Paradise Of Sand And Sea - Sardinia
FREE Parking 1
Pittulongu Beach In Olbia: Paradise Of Sand And Sea - Sardinia
FREE Parking 2

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Pittulongu beach bus

Pittulongu beach is very well served by Olbia buses. Being one of the most important beaches, it is possible to get to Pittulongu by bus from many points in the city and at many times.

You can buy your ticket online on the Aspo website in cooperation with MyCicero

Trattoria Rossi
Trattoria Rossi

Seafood restaurant with an enchanting sea view.

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Pittulongu beach: curiosities

Quick Questions and Answers ⚡

Pittulongu is the Olbia beach par excellence because the beach is long, wide. The sea is transparent, without rocks, shallow and suitable for children.

If the fabric of a sunshade is UPF 50+, it is able to protect the skin from more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

In any case, it is always recommended to protect oneself with appropriate sun creams.

Pittulongu is a locality in the municipality of Olbia. In summer, its inhabitants number in the thousands.

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