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Travel notes in Cala Gonone

Cala Moon A Famous Cave

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Cala Gonone: to see and re-see in Sardinia

Sea And Coast Of Cala Gonone
Sea and Coast of

after the tunnel it is immediately wow! Discover a pearl at the gateway to the Gofo di Orosei.

If you have never seen Cala Gonone, you cannot say you have been to Sardinia.

And if you have seen it... you also know that it is always a continuous discovery.

The sea of Cala Gonone

Rocks On The Coast Of Cala Gonone
Rocks On The Coast Of Cala Gonone

Hey you! Yes, I'm talking to you, you've finally come this way. I want to introduce you to one of Sardinia's wonders, perhaps you already know it and think you have all the information, or else it will be completely new to you.

I have the confidence to surprise you with my words. But what am I rambling on about with this premise? About theunique and inimitable CALA GONONE.

Nuraghe sea view

Cala Gonone, Orosei Nuraghe Osalla
Cala Gonone, Orosei Nuraghe Osalla

I know, I know, I can see that huge question mark on your little head perfectly, let me guide you on this virtual adventure.

Cala Gonone is a beautiful seaside town in the heart of Sardinia, located in the municipality of Dorgali, in the province of Nuoro.

A place rich in history, as it was inhabited by the Nuragic civilisation, later settled by the Roman and Byzantine civilisations.

This beautiful coastal town is located about 30 kilometres from the Tiscali Archaeological Area.

Its brightest gem, however, remains the sea.
A water of sensational colours, from the light blue or green as clear as precious stones to the dark blue almost black of its depths.

The heat, the cold, WOW

The Coast Of Cala Gonone
The Coast Of Cala Gonone

Did you know that one of its characteristics was inaccessibility? Yes indeed, think that long ago the only way to reach Cala Gonone was by sea!

Now, thanks to various tunnels built in the headlands, access is made easier - excluding, of course, this magical invention of internet that allows you to see Cape Horn from your sofa.

Then, driving along the SS 125 Orientale Sarda near Dorgali, you find the deviation that takes you through a tunnel into the incredible world of Cala Gonone.

Once you have left the last tunnel, a steep cliff overlooking the coast will open up in front of you, where you will get a hint of the wonders that await you.

The WOW effect is assured. 

Another WOW effect - with chills - guaranteed is the spectacle of the . Inside the cave tunnels you might get cold - I shivered a little, albeit pleasantly - because of the temperature change you will feel being inside the mountain.

All around you you can hear the sound of flowing water and see small drops slowly falling from the ceiling, creating the wonders you can contemplate.

Equal merit

Sea And Rocks Cala Gonone
Sea And Rocks Cala Gonone

To fully discover Cala Gonone and its secrets, I suggest you first start with... some ice cream!

The waterfront is full of artisan ice-cream parlours that also produce special flavours such as the myrtles'aranzadathe nougat and other wonderful flavours of Sardergna.

Tied then are the super caves and fantastic beaches immersed in the wilderness and surrounded by the typical plants of Sardinia.

I recommend visiting the numerous beaches with crystal-clear, vividly coloured water and, of course, the caves, among which the unforgettable Sea Ox Cave, a cave so famous that it represents Cala Gonone in the world.

I happened to recount my trip to Cala Gonone and never imagined that the were famous even in Japan!

Of the various beaches I mentioned earlier, one of the most famous is certainly an inlet about 7 km long, where you will not find much sand, but rather a vastness of pebbles finely polished by the water.

The predominant colour of the sea is green, intense as if it were a vast emerald.

We then went to Cala Goloritzè. The beach is famous for the splendid limestone arch and the Spirea 140-metre-high limestone monolith towering over the small bay.

You can reach this beach by following a path a couple of kilometres long starting from Baunei or, you can renting an inflatable boat to Cala Gonone (as we did) and get there by sea.

What (not) to do in Cala Gonone

Sea And Rocks On The Coast Of Cala Gonone
Sea And Rocks On The Coast Of Cala Gonone

Absolutely not to do?

Do not arrive at Cala Gonone without having booked your boat trip to see the Gulf of Orosei!

Cala Gonone is a small town that hosts many tourists from April to October, reaching its maximum density during the summer. Companies offering are many, but the tourists... are more!

If you have not booked your boat trip online in time, you risk not finding a boat available, especially in July and August.

At YepSea.com you can choose from different types of excursions such as a sailing boat trip, an excursion with a visit to the Sea Ox Cave or take advantage of the even without a driving licence, to visit the coast in total autonomy.

What are you still waiting for? I know I have already won you over, so come and visit us and don't hesitate to book and purchase your excursion in advance, and your unforgettable experience will be guaranteed.

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