10 things to do in Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is one of Sardinia's most loved and appreciated tourist destinations. Discover the country and activities to do

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Boat trips Golfo Aranci

the most popular

What to do in Golfo Aranci: dolphin spotting excursion

Being on holiday in and don't go on a sighting excursion is like going to Paris and not seeing the Louvre! This activity is one of the most popular and certainly one that stays in the heart (for young and old).

I are noble and beautiful animals that we have always seen in films or - alas - in water parks.

A Instead, it is possible to meet dolphins in the wild as they swim with their pups or jump out of the water!

Diving at Golfo Aranci

If you want to know what scuba diving feels like, Golfo Aranci is the ideal territory to experience this thrill! Several PADI centres at Golfo Aranci offer this possibility and use a customised 'programme' for those who are not sure whether they are ready for a diving course.

Discover Scuba Diving is an activity designed especially for those who want to experience the sensation of diving without having a licence yet. It's an experience you don't know you're missing until you've done it. We're sure you'll love it!

Snorkelling at Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is an area of the highest naturalistic interest with a seabed rich in life and beautiful landscapes unique in the world. The activities of snorkelling at Golfo Aranci are conducted by experienced water guides who explain the peculiarities of the flora and fauna you will encounter.

Generally, shoals of fish (bream, salps, bream and damselfish) coloured starfish and urchins are encountered. Sometimes the It also offers extraordinary encounters with groupers, moray eels, octopuses and less common fish.

In this video we met a Parsnips

The Costa Smeralda in an inflatable boat

Golfo Aranci is strategically located: on one side e on the other hand and a little further on . By hiring an inflatable boat or a boat you can access those magical places that have made the world-famous destination for the star system.

Often on the small island of Figarolo, between the junipers and the It is possible to spot mouflons that permanently inhabit the island and, in late summer, grey herons resting on the ridges ready to set off on their migratory journey.

Visit to the Madonna del Monte country church

The road from Golfo Aranci to Porto Rotondo is full of scenic spots where you can stop with thecars to admire a wonderful landscape: the Gulf of Marinella. With a glance we can admire Cala Sabina, the beach of Marinella until we reach Mortoriotto.

Along the road, just before the junction for Porto Rotondo, if we pay attention we can see a small road that leads to Our Lady of the Mount, a scenic plateau where you can lose your gaze from to... Corsica! Try, nay...  go up to believe!

10 Things To Do In Golfo Aranci - Sardinia

Excursion Pozzo Milis

The Milis sacred well is located at Golfo Aranci along the railway leading to loc. Baracconi and . The Milis Well dates back to the 2nd millennium B.C. and considered one of the most important sacred wells of the area although it has not yet been exploited. The outer portion presents partial changes from the original use as it is located in the vicinity of the colony.

On the other hand, the underground chamber inside the well is intact, the staircase leading to the water is clearly visible, and the interior ceiling cover reproducing an inverted staircase seen from below is very striking. The Pozzo Di Milis of Golfo Aranci is one of the largest sacred wells known in Sardinia, some say it was originally two storeys high, and has the unique distinction of being on the sea.

English cemetery

The English cemetery of Golfo Aranci is located in the vicinity of at the foot of Capo Figari. Following a path through the a 10-minute walk from one reaches a quiet and reserved place where some 13 graves, an altar and a pyramid-shaped parallelepiped with an engraved plaque are kept. The name of the place comes from the presence of a Celtic cross engraved with "To the sacred memory of George Bradshaw - died 12 June 1900 - aged 18 years - H.M.S.Vulcan".

In fact, this is the only gravestone in the cemetery attributable to a sailor of Her Majesty's Navy. Other gravestones have been laid in memory of sailors collected at following the shipwreck of a sailing ship and buried here in the late 1800s. The remains of some inhabitants are then said to be laid to rest here. golfarancini whose traces have been lost in the mists of time.

Golfo Aranci battery

On the summit of Punta Filasca in the near Cala Moresca is the area of the Coastal Battery built during the First World War. Today, the emplacements dug into the rock with the anchor bolts of the large-calibre cannons are well preserved and visible. Also clearly visible is the santabarbara that is said to have been indispensable for the supply of ammunition to the vanguard in defence of the coast.

The visit to the Golfo Aranci battery with the cliff overlooking the sea offers a 180-degree view of the horizon, suggesting insights into the life of the time and the ways in which it was defended. On the summit of Filasca tip a large dipole is still present, clearly visible and preserved.

Photos taken in the early morning shortly after sunrise

Golfo Aranci Waterfront

The Golfo Aranci promenade is now a popular walking destination even for those living in or is on holiday in Porto Rotondo. A totally rethought architecture compared to its predecessor that incorporates the sea and the beauty of the landscape into the urban environment.

Waterfront Golfo Aranci
Waterfront Golfo Aranci

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