10 Beaches To See Between Portisco And Porto Cervo

10 Beaches between Portisco and Porto Cervo: the enchanting beaches of Costa Smeralda, all to be seen (and reached)
Beach in Costa Smeralda with a view of Capo Figari

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The Enchanting Beaches of all to See: 10 Beaches among e

Porto Cervo Marina

in the 'Mola Mountains' is a village image of the located between e in the municipality of Arzachena in in northern Sardinia. Scarcely inhabited in the winter months, it then turns into a lively and busy village, changing completely during the summer season.

The Port of Porto Cervo is famous for hosting famous mega yachts and the best known boats in the nautical industry. The harbour promenade is a very popular promenade, and during the summer season it is populated by locals and onlookers who walk between the piers to admire the excellent boats it houses

The Village of Portisco

Portisco is a pretty little village located between Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo in the north east of Sardinia at the gateway to the Costa Smeralda. The tourist centre of Portisco originates near the beach of the same name and spreads out along the marina promenade.

The port of Portisco with its promenade It is spacious, welcoming and equipped with all amenities; it is famous for hosting boats and yachts every summer that sail the most beautiful and renowned bays in the area.


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Costa Smeralda: the most beautiful beaches

10 Beaches To See Between Portisco And Porto Cervo - Sardinia
Granite Rocks On The Beach In Costa Smeralda

The entire coastal area between Porto Cervo and Portisco is dotted with small coves and beaches of fine white sand. Behind the beaches grows lush the with the typical plants in Sardinia that crown with their perfumes the beautiful view of the sea. Here are the most beautiful beaches you can find in the area.

Portisco beach: azzurrissima

Located just a few steps north of the port of Portisco, it is a beach with an crystal clear waters surrounded by rocks and vegetation. Its fine white sand enhances the turquoise colour of the sea. An equipped beach with ample parking, ideal when you want to reach the sea effortlessly and enjoy every comfort.

How to get to Portisco Beach

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Beach Rena Bianca Portisco: delicious

Continuing northwards, about 2 km from Portisco, is the charming beach of Rena Bianca, which takes its name from the colour of its sand, white and fine with shallow waters. A beach that is certainly one of the most beautiful thanks to the contrasting colours green-merald-turquoise-blue which is enhanced by the presence of in the area behind the dunes. An equipped beach near Portisco with services, bar and restaurant is worth a visit.

How to get to Portisco Beach Rena Bianca

Razza di Juncu beach: unspoilt

Reed or Cove is a well-known beach in the Costa Smeralda for the wild nature and unspoilt surroundings and the bewitching colour of its waters. Fine white sand and granite rocks, a small inlet with an equipped beach, ideal to be visited also with dogs.

How to get to Razza di Juncu Beach

Liscia Ruja beach: unforgettable

The enchanting beach of is located on either side of a small promontory that creates a large natural inlet and separates it from the Petra Ruja beach. This beach rises between e Punta Ligata is one of the largest and best known beaches in the Costa Smeralda, well equipped and organised. It is certainly famous for its impalpable white sand, the enchanting granite rocks sculpted and levelled over time by wind and sea, and by the evergreen Mediterranean scrub behind it.

How to get to Liscia Ruja Beach

Cala Di Volpe beach: coveted

10 Beaches To See Between Portisco And Porto Cervo - Sardinia
Pontoon at Costa Smeralda Sardinia

Cala di Volpe is a beautiful beach in the heart of the and Costa Smeralda located a few minutes from the town of Abbiadori between the beaches of Razza du Junco and . An enchanting place sheltered from almost all winds, the Cala di Volpe beach is unquestionably one of the most famous and exclusive bays in the area. It is very famous for its beauty, for the presence of exclusive yachts and also thanks to the fact that some scenes of a James Bond 007 film were shot in the area around Cala di Volpe.

How to get to Cala di Volpe Beach


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La Celvia beach: famous

Another famous beach not to be missed is the beach of La Celvia with its pinkish white sandits clear waters, surrounded by rocks and lush vegetation. The beach is located near Cala Di Volpe, close to the centre for Costa Smeralda regulars. There are all kinds of services on the beach. From La Celvia beach, it is also interesting to visit the beach of the Elephant rock.

How to get to La Celvia Beach

Capriccioli beach: emblazoned

The well-known Capriccioli beach is just a few kilometres from Cala di Volpe and . It is a small and very pretty beach surrounded entirely by Mediterranean scrub. It is a beach with very fine light-coloured sand, particularly suitable for swimming thanks to its shallow and very clear waters. The beaches between Capriccioli and Cala di Volpe have been the setting for some of the weddings most famous.

How to get to Capriccioli Beach

Prince's Beach: regal

Poltu di li Cogghj better known as the is located between Capriccioli and and is a deep inlet protected by a lush promontory. Legend has it that its name is due to the fact that it was the favourite of the Aga Khan. A wild and beautiful stretch of coastline that leaves you speechless on every visit. A beach that is absolutely worth visiting. In the background in the distance is the promontory of Capo FigariMortorio Islands with the Mortoriotto rocks, the Soffi Islands and Le Camere - part of the .

How to get to Prince's Beach

Romazzino beach: turquoise

Turquoise water, impalpable sand white and pinkish mixed with multicoloured granules, deep green Mediterranean scrub are the highlights of the beach of romazzino in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. A beach so famous that it needs no introduction. In the distance you can see the islands Mortorio, Soffi and Le Camere which are part of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

How to get to Romazzino Beach

Pevero beach: painted

There are two beaches, Grande Pevero and Piccolo Pevero. postcard-perfect coves set in in the heart of the near Porto Cervo. Soft, white sandy bays with a pastel-coloured sea. The Grande Pevero beach lies a little further south, is equipped with all amenities, very wide and about 300 metres long, ideal for a stroll and to admire the panorama. Piccolo Pevero beach is located a little to the north, it is smaller and more private with a shallow bottom ideal for swimming in the centre of the Costa Smeralda.

How to get to Pevero Beach

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