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Sand Sculptures And Castles: Sand Art

Sand Art: sand castles, sand sculptures, sand drawings. Discover the most famous sand sculpture festivals. An art that really fascinates and fascinates the whole world.
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Sand Castle with Spires and Fortifications

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Sand Art, Castles and Sculptures

Sand Castles, Sand Sculptures, Sand Drawings. Discover the Most Popular Sand Sculpture Festivals. An art that truly fascinates and fascinates the whole world.

Drawing and levelling sand, for those who know how to do it, allows one to create incredible images. It is an extremely versatile and ever-evolving art. You can give animations, Trompe-l'œil, optical illusions and 3D images.

Spectacular installations that sometimes occupy kilometres of beach and capture the attention of anyone who comes within reach.

Some exhibitions even require the participation of hundreds of people to be realised with incredible coordination.

Photos Sand Castles

Sand Sculpture Festival

Every year, sand sculpting festivals, exhibitions and sandcastle competitions are held around the world. Very famous is the Sand Sculpting Australia which takes place in the Melbourne, Australia area.

Other famous festivals are the Weston-Super-Mare Sand Sculpture Festival held in the UK, the International Sand Sculpture Festival of JesoloBurgas Sand Sculpture Festival in Bulgaria.

In Portugal there is the Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia, others are in Taiwan, Copenhagen, the Netherlands, Texas, Turkey, Belgium, Canada and Ireland. An art that has long since caught on in every corner of the world.

In Sardinia sculptors can sometimes be admired at work on the beaches of Alghero, on the beach of Putzu Idu, in Cala Brandinchiin Villasimius and on the beaches of the Costa Smeralda.

The Sand Academy

Sand Castle With Arches and Towers
Sand Castle With Arches and Towers

The Accedemia della Sabbia di Roma is an association where all people who have a passion for making sand castles and sand sculptures can meet.

Professionals, neophytes, sympathisers, all united in the creation of real works of art.

Sand sculptures, Sand castles, Sand drawings are all variations of Sand art that theAcademy of Sand aims to promote.

A hotbed of ideas, techniques, innovation, fusion. A true paradise for lovers of this art that is as incredible as it is ephemeral - and that is precisely its beauty.

Sand Castles For Beginners

Sandcastle for Beginners
Sandcastle for Beginners

Sandcastles for beginners or professionals. You don't need experience to start having fun, playing and creating.

...It all started with a bucket and spade...

Of course, the ability to create sand sculptures and castles is no game. However, many amateur sculptors have taken up the art, starting from small and simple constructions.

You have many different shapes and different levels of difficulty at your disposal. Whatever you choose doesn't matter, just get up and start building. Let your creativity flow!

Making castles and sand sculptures is a classic beach activity perfect for both children and adults. If you are inexperienced, choose a simple design or try your hand at more elaborate towers and battlements. Making sandcastles helps you spend your time in total relaxation doing something really creative and fun.

Try searching the web for photos of sandcastles and sculptures, try to exceeding your expectationsyou will find many inspiring ideas.

How to have fun at the beach

Shovel in the sand
Shovel in the sand

And if you don't feel like trying your hand at making castles and sand sculptures, here are some other ideas you can use to spend a day at the beach.

In the age of the 'always-connected' it is increasingly common to see people under the beach umbrella who instead of enjoying the view and engaging in interesting activities at the beach engage in social media.

Or some people see the beach as an Olympic swimming pool ideal for training to exhaustion.

If you think that spending time at the beach is not just about taking selfies or swimming, here are a few hints so that you don't miss a second of the fun.

In Sardinia, being on the beach means having many fulfilling activities to do, the beaches are full of pastimes and things to do, here are some of the most fun things you can do at the beach.

Playing Frisbee and rackets

Person playing Frisbee on the beach
Person playing Frisbee on the beach

Frisbee and racquetball are a classic game to play at the beach, an activity reminiscent of summer and reminiscent of the children's entertainment.

These are two beach games that one never tires of playing on the shoreline, if possible on a beach that also accepts animals with dogs and furry friends.

Both are cheap games that can be done without spending too much.

P.S. Don't leave the toys on the beach, wind and waves can take them away

Reading books and magazines

Holiday is generally synonymous with complete relaxation, perhaps even a time to do some things that we are unable to do during the year due to lack of time.

So park yourself under a parasol or in the shade of a tree and open your newspaper or the book you have been waiting to read for a long time.

Enjoy the breeze and the sound of the sea in the background and read what you like.

Searching for shells and pebbles

Shells in the sand
Shells in the sand

A great pastime on the beach can be sifting through a section of beach in search of oddly shaped stones and colourful shells. Take pictures of the most beautiful shells you find so that you can search for their name and characteristics.

Remember that it is not allowed to take sand and shells off the beach, if everyone took them away then there would be nothing left to see.

SUP, windsurfing and watersports

Watersports: Canoes and Kayaks
Watersports: Canoes and Kayaks

If you fancy a bit of sport and exercise during your day at the beach, you will certainly find surf, windsurf, canoe, kayak, jet-ski, water-ski, kitesurf and SUP hire nearby.

If you are inexperienced, you can also dedicate an hour or two to taking lessons, so you can learn, have fun and also meet new friends.

Discovering saltwater pools

This beach game literally drives children crazy! At the edge of the beach there are almost always rocks that create small tide pools, which the sea fills and the sun empties.

These small puddles are always full of small strangely shaped creaturesYou just have to know how to observe. Crabs, shrimps, urchins, stars, sea tomatoes, limpets, mussels, barnacles, be careful because they blend in well.

You can spend a whole day seeing how many different animals you can count. Take photographs and remember never to touch the animals, some may even be stinging.

It is important to leave them where they are without removing them from water and their natural environment. Never put them in a bucket to boil in the sun.

Exploring the backdunal area and pond

Sea Lily visible on beaches in Sardinia
Sea Lily visible on beaches in Sardinia

Almost all beaches in Sardinia have a backdunal area that hosts a pond or what remains of it during the 'summer shallows'.

Many beaches have in the immediate vicinity paths and passages to explore where you can make small, not too demanding excursions. In this way you can admire beautiful panoramas while immersed in nature. It is great exercise and after the walk to cool off you can take a bath.

P.S. Don't go for a barefoot walk, remember to take slippers with you to avoid foot discomfort


Having a picnic is a fun activity that all children enjoy. On the beach, then, it is even more intriguing and fun, and with a little imagination, finding a hidden corner can acquire the flavour of a lunch on a deserted island.

If you did not bring your own supplies with you to the beach, you might find a bar to get everything you need. If you are on the beach with a large group of people, everyone could prepare an easy dish.

With everyone's contribution, it will be easy to spend unforgettable moments during a picnic on the beach. Or picnic for 2 on the beach could be the best time to spend time with a loved one, an unforgettable tête-à-tête.

Watching the sunset

One of the most beautiful moments at the beach is certainly sunset. The beach starts to empty out, most people leave, the temperature starts to become more pleasant.

This activity is a favourite with many at the beach because it is really always a breathtaking spectacle.

It is also a moment you can take for yourself, to consolidate the tranquillity of the holiday and prepare for the aperitif and dinner.

Do what makes you feel good

The truth is that you are on holiday and therefore you have to take time to do what you like best. Being at the beach is always fulfilling and fun, whatever you choose to do

Remove yourself, include yourself, don't think about problems, now just think about doing relaxing and fulfilling activities!

Have you tried any of these activities? If you have other ideas, write to us about your favourite things to do at the beach. Comment and share with us

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