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Wedding on the beach: 7 important things to know

Sardinia's beaches are known throughout the world. What you need to know to celebrate your wedding on the beach
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Wedding on the beach in Sardinia

Things to know

There are a few things you will need to find out in order to organise a  

The best day of your life must be flawlessly organised, so we suggest you keep a few useful tips in mind. If you are wondering how to organise a Here is a short list.

Make sure the beach is accessible to all

Once the bride and groom have found their ideal wedding venue, they forget one very important aspect, namely accessibility. Don't forget to think about the comfort for your guestshow easy or difficult it will be to reach the location, whether from a main road or whether it is necessary to drive along dirt roads or rough tracks.

This is to prevent ladies in particular from having to disentangle themselves from stones or winding roads.

In addition, it must be considered that the location must be convenient to carry the fittings. So consider the ease with which chairs, tables or the catering can be transported.

La has a coastline rich in beaches. Beach wedding in Golfo Aranci can be a good idea because it has several locations that are easy to reach.

Beach Wedding With Gazebo
Beach Wedding With Gazebo

Organise a welcome package

You have to make sure that all guests are informed about where the wedding will take place. But there is always some friend or relative who does not have the gift of organisation or always forgets something.

In case someone is less prepared, you can hand them a welcome box such as sun cream, bottled water, a mosquito repellent and tissues.

In this way, even those who arrive late or unprepared can participate in the ceremony feeling comfortable.

P.S. You can also provide some straw hats

Beach Wedding Straw Hat
Welcome Box For Beach Wedding Guests

Shadow for all

As important as the cover in case of rain, you should keep in mind that outdoor environments usually mean that guests will be exposed to the weather.

Make sure you keep everyone cool by scheduling the ceremony at a time when the sun is milder: morning or late afternoon is best.

Usually spring in Sardinia is rather mild and celebrating a wedding on the beach in May, June will certainly be a celebration.

In case the wedding is in the middle months, make sure you choose your times well so that at least the bride can keep her make-up intact.

The importance of shadow
Make sure there is shade, especially for the sake of the elderly and children. If you celebrate your wedding outdoors, it is best to monitor the weather a little in advance so you know what to expect.

You can rent a canopy to cover the seating area or take bamboo poles that can be draped with a light, white fabric to keep everyone cool.

Don't let the sound of the waves muffle your vows

There is nothing as magical as the waves crashing on the shore as you take a romantic walk along the beach. But if you want to celebrate your beach wedding reciting your promises... then that is a completely different story!

To prevent the sound of the waves from overpowering your voices or those of the officiants, we recommend getting a professional, battery-powered sound system that can be connected via Bluetooth.

You can also rent or buy a wireless microphone and speaker for use by the officiant. Some wedding planners who perform weddings on the beach are already organised: before buying, ask them if they can provide them.

In general the beach weddings Sardinia do not suffer from this problem because the waves are always rather modest. You can find slightly more formed waves in the Golfo di Orosei but nothing to do with ocean waves. In any case, it is always best to keep this in mind.

Spring Beach Orosei Gulf
Spring Beach Orosei Gulf

Windproof furniture

Furnishing elements
Pay attention to the décor elements you will use outside, especially in windy places. Think twice before decorating with super lavish flowers, tower candles or ribbons and balloons: they may end up being blown away by the wind and having to be chased around the beach.

Instead, use sturdy furniture and avoid fragile objects. Anything you can't do without such as nameplates, photos, fix them with adhesive, springs or place something heavier on top to hold it in place.

Aluminium chairs, wooden benches, folding chairs or even elegant waterproof poufs will surely be appreciated by guests. The important thing is that they are sturdy enough not to be blown away by the wind or sink into the sand and collapse.

In some cases, it may not be necessary to have places for everyone but only for the elderly and children. It all depends on the type of wedding you want and the duration of the ceremony.

As for the flowers to put on the beach, be sure to choose a variety that will withstand high temperatures well and not wilt before the ceremony starts.

The expert's advice
Calla lilies, royal protea and orchids are well suited to the beach. Not convinced that flowers fit in with your theme or just don't want to risk it? Choose things like fruit or even seashells to add some colour to the event.

Romantic Table Sea View By Night
Romantic Table Sea View By Night

Finger food

If you are not getting married in a resort or a hotel with a private beach, food storage is something that needs to be taken seriously because food that should be refrigerated will deteriorate quickly at high temperatures. This advice should also be kept in mind when selecting the cakesCakes made with buttercream are bound to lose out in the heat. As a rule, do not choose anything that will melt quickly.

If you are worried about food, you can also consider getting married on the beach and holding the reception at another location, such as a nearby restaurant.

Wedding Ring On The Beach
Wedding Ring On The Beach


Perfect planning for a beach wedding must take into account many things, as we have seen in this short guide, but certainly one cannot be forgotten: mosquito repellent.

Remember to provide your guests with insect repellents and set up the ambience of the ceremony with citronella. It would be unpleasant if all the guests had to constantly fend off the stings or hear crying young children annoyed by the stings. Possibly you can also put a mosquito repellent spray in the welcome box.

You want to marry me written on sand
Marriage proposal written in the sand: will you marry me?

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