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The Island of Tavolara is located on the north-eastern side of Sardinia, between the municipalities of Olbia, Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro. It is a predominantly limestone massif that rises in a sea of granite, parallelepiped in shape with a variety of emergences. The island is formally divided into two parts EAST - where the military base is located - and WEST - the part that can be visited. To the WEST are Cala Tramontana and Spalmatore di Terra, the tiny settlement and the small boat landing places. Among the things to do at Tavolara is the walk that leads to the cemetery of the Kings of Tavolara and to Punta Spalmatore. Passing near Cala Tramontana, a sandy path leads to the small cemetery and then to a long tongue of sand and rocks where the two seas meet. The path is full of infographics describing the environment, and during the walk it is possible to spot flora and fauna peculiar to the island and some endemic species. The Prolagus path leading towards Punta la Mandria is also particularly interesting. The intoxicating scent characteristic of the island's Mediterranean maquis completes the visit.