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The promontory of Capo Figari is characterised by imposing limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. Its white cliffs are made up of rocks shaped by the action of water and wind that offer shelter to a multitude of animals. The fauna of this Site of Community Interest - SCI area - is quite varied, with the mouflon, wild boar, fox, hare, tortoise, Corsican and herring gull, peregrine falcon, lesser shearwater, storm-bird, cormorant and tufted cormorant among the major exponents. The typical flora of the Mediterranean maquis is also particularly rich and noteworthy. Among the best-known exponents present are myrtle, juniper, wild olive, holm oak, strawberry tree, cistus, helichrysum, heather, lavender and rosemary, mastic tree, rush and euphorbia.