The La Maddalena Archipelago is one of the most beautiful areas in north-eastern Sardinia. Known all over the world for its splendid waters full of fish, it attracts sea lovers and snorkelling enthusiasts every year.

On board our dinghy we will sail through the seas of the Archipelago, encountering breathtaking coastal landscapes and making snorkelling stops.

Depending on the marine weather conditions, it will be possible to carry out:

Snorkelling on Maddalena and Caprera

  • Snorkelling stop in Testa del Polpo (Isola Maddalena)
  • Passage to Cala Napoletana (Isola Maddalena)
  • Snorkelling stop east of Caprera. Alternatively, you can choose to do a short trek to Fort Taddeo (no closed shoes required, slippers are sufficient)
  • Passage to Cala Coticcio known as Tahiti
  • Snorkelling stop at Isolotto del Porco (Caprera) or Cala Portese (Caprera)



Snorkelling in Spargi's most beautiful bays

  • Snorkelling stop in Cala Soraia
  • Snorkelling stop in Cala Granara
  • Snorkelling stop in Cala Corsara


  • Escursione snorkeling all’Arcipelago La Maddalena
  • We will encounter enchanting landscapes, beautiful coastlines and snorkel in the wonderful Sardinian sea.

Autore: Anthias