Inflatable boat hire Costa Smeralda

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Inflatable boat hire Costa Smeralda

  • Hire an inflatable boat in is an irreplaceable experience to experience the sea
  • Inflatable boats with or without a licence are available
  • Minimum age 18 years


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From 100 euros upwards.

Many types of motor boats, yachts and dinghies are available for hire with varying rates depending on the duration of the hire and the season. You can rent Pirelli's luxurious "top of the range", fast inflatables and comfortable boats. Use the selection filters and choose the price range that best suits your needs. Discounts are also available for long term boat rentals, check the details of each boat.

Prices are indicative and not binding. Select the motorboat you prefer to find out the official ticket price.

If you want to visit north-eastern Sardinia on board an inflatable boat, you can choose from several departure ports. To see the Costa Smeralda and the Archipelago of aboard a rented dinghy you can choose to depart from Cannigione, , Porto Rotondo, Palumbalza Porto Oro and also from Porto Pollo. If you want to visit the beautiful islands of e , and the small you can start from .

It depends on the power of the engine. If the vehicle's engine has less than 40 horsepower, no licence is required; if it has more than 40 horsepower, a licence is required. Among the vehicles available for hire you will find boats and dinghies both with and without a licence requirement, the information is easily visible in the activity preview.

North Sardinia and the east coast are dotted with beautiful beaches set in enchanting bays surrounded by crystal clear water. Need I say more?
In Costa Smeralda you can see famous beaches such as , , the o . In the archipelago you can see and visit the Maddalena Islands. By hiring a dinghy at Golfo Aranci you can explore Capo Figari, Figarolo Island, Tavolara and Molara.


In general, in Costa Smeralda and the La Maddalena Archipelago, mobile phones have reception, including data traffic. Of course some telephone companies more others less, if you have doubts consult your operator.

It is not difficult, however, if you are a neophyte without a licence, we suggest that you choose an inflatable boat instead of a boat. If you have a licence but not much experience in driving a boat, choose an inflatable boat that can also be driven without a licence. The more powerful and larger the boat, the more experience is needed to drive it. In general, it is always advisable to listen carefully to the initial briefing where you will be given all the information you need to spend a safe day at sea.

La Sardegna ha temperature miti tutto l'anno. Durante l'estate ti consigliamo di portare con te un capellino per proteggerti dal sole, un costume da bagno e un asciugamano per fare il bagno durante le soste. Se lo ritieni porta con te anche un maglioncino in relazione all'orario in cui scegli di effettuare il tour di avvistamento. Se effettui il tour di avvistamento in winter bring a heavy jacket and a cap. Don't forget your camera.

The nécessaire for a perfect day at the beach includes sunglasses, swimming costume, beach towel, a hat, sun cream, pareo/sunsuit for her, t-shirt/shorts for him, a sweater/sweater for everyone. Don't forget something to drink and light food to refresh you. Often at sea during the high season there are travelling dinghies that visit all the beaches and sell drinks, ice cream and snacks.

Ask the staff to welcome you and listen to the introductory briefing. There are many places to eat in Costa Smeralda by the sea and on the beach. It can also be a good idea to bring something to eat and drink as you might get hungry while on a beautiful beach that you don't want to leave.

When sailing at sea, it is important to keep your attention high, not to get distracted and to constantly try to get your bearings, especially if you are not familiar with the area. In the areas you visit there may be shoals or outcropping rocks, be very careful, listen to the briefing and keep your eyes open. Stay away from shorelines and beach marker buoys. At sea, weather conditions can sometimes change abruptly, in which case approach the harbour or be prepared to return or call the supplier number given to you in the morning during the briefing.

How to book

Online booking is a must, otherwise you risk not finding a place. Moreover, online prices are often lower.
If you want to hire an inflatable boat in Costa Smeralda, choose the one you prefer from among those without a licence and those with a licence and the port of departure.

At least 2 days before in low season and 4 days before in high season. hours before.

The in Costa Smeralda is in high demand and dinghies sell fast. Plan your charter in good time to avoid the risk of being stranded.

Inflatable boat hire Costa Smeralda

Renting a boat and a dinghy is the best way to visit the coast of Sardinia in total freedom. During the day at sea you can decide where to go and where to stop, you can visit beaches and stop for a swim, you can go to a little restaurant on the beach and eat with your feet in the sand, you can even choose to visit a museum. You are spoilt for choice: Sardinia really does offer a lot of things to do.

The Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda is a stretch of coastline in the located in the north-east of Sardinia, extending roughly from Capo Ferro to the Gulf of Cugnana between the territories of the municipalities of Arzachena and .

Some locations

Porto Cervo springs up in the Monti di Mola locality and is certainly recognised as the heart of the coast. It is a small village characterised by simple and essential architecture, developed between the 1960s and 1980s at the behest of the Aga Khan. This architecture is so distinctive that it gave rise to a veritable architectural style - the Costa Smeralda style. The flair of internationally renowned architects has shaped buildings, villas and houses that are true works of art.

Residential resorts on the coast include:

The territorial boundaries of the Costa Smeralda are well delineated, however to date we feel we can improperly include some formally excluded locations. This is because even though some areas are territorially located outside the original boundaries, tourists universally recognise them as part of the coast.


Le beaches in this stretch of sea are characterised by fine white sand, framed by an emerald-crystalline sea. It is precisely from the enchanting colour of the waters that the toponym Costa Smeralda originates.

Among the most famous beaches in Costa Smeralda are:

  • Baja Sardinia, Liscia di Vacca, Cala Granu
  • Great Beach Pevero
  • Romazzino Beach
  • Prince's Beach
  • Small Romazzino
  • Capriccioli Point
  • La Celvia
  • Cala di Volpe
  • Rena Bianca from Portisco

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