Boat trips La Maddalena Archipelago

La Maddalena Archipelago boat trips. The complete guide: what to know, the best tours, rates and useful tips.
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Boat trips La Maddalena Archipelago

Boat trips to La Maddalena are an incredible experience for anyone who wants to discover the beauty of Sardinia. is an archipelago of islands and islets located in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, in the heart of the Archipelago National Park of . This park was established in 1994 and its protected area covers approximately 180 km², of which 150 km² is sea.

Boat trips in the Magdalena offer a wide range of options, from one-day excursions to multi-day cruises. There are many types of boat trips to choose from, such as sailing boat trips, motor boat trips, boat trips with or without a skipper, boat trips with lunch on board, boat trips with and many others. Boat trips in La Maddalena are suitable for all tastes and budgets, and there are many companies offering these services.

In short

  • La Maddalena is an archipelago of islands and islets located in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, in the heart of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.
  • There are many types of boat trips to choose from, such as sailing boat trips, motor boat trips, boat trips with or without a skipper, boat trips with lunch on board, boat trips with and many others.
  • Boat trips in La Maddalena are suitable for all tastes and budgets, and there are many companies offering these services.

Gite in barca La Maddalena: tipologie

There are different types of boat trips to La Maddalena, each with different characteristics and destinations. Here is an overview of the main options available:

Full-day trips: le gite di una giornata intera sono le più scelte e perfette per chi vuole esplorare la Maddalena e le isole circostanti. Durano circa 7-8 ore e includono soste per il bagno e il pranzo a bordo.

Solitamente queste gite giornaliere vengono fatte con le motonatvi e in barca a vela 

Gite in barca La Maddalena: prezzi

The cost varies depending on the duration of the excursion and the type of boat chosen.

Traghetto motonave
Per una gita di 1 giornata il prezzo va dai 50 ai 70 euro

Barca a vela
Il prezzo può variare da 100 a 150 euro

It is also possible to hire a dinghy in La Maddalena for a full day with and without a skipper. The price for a full day starts from 200 euro

Please note that ticket prices usually increase during the high season months - July and August - and return lower in September.

In fact, motor vessels can accommodate many people on board, thus keeping prices down and being more competitive.

There is no single price list for all boats, so prices may vary for certain services: for example, the price of the excursion with lunch on board costs more.

Boat trips La Maddalena: departures, timetables

Boat trips to the La Maddalena Archipelago depart mainly from:

St. Teresa

La Maddalena

What are the best boats

Consorzio delle Bocche
Luxury Virginia
Lady Moon
Dolphin Tours

are among the main boats making trips to the La Maddalena Archipelago

Gite in barca La Maddalena: altre informazioni

Boat trips to La Maddalena are one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting northern Sardinia. However, choosing the best time of year for the boat trip is crucial to fully enjoy the experience.

The period for boat trips is from May to October. During these months, the summer climate makes boating and discovering the area pleasant and one can enjoy the beauty of the beaches.

However, it is important to keep in mind that in the high season (July and August) the area can become very crowded and prices can increase considerably. Therefore, if you want to avoid the crowds and save money, it is advisable to visit the area during the months of May, June and September.

Northern Sardinia in particular is buffeted by the Mistral, a cold wind blowing from the north. During these days, boats do not leave the harbour for the safety of passengers and the boats themselves. So book a boat trip online with free cancellation

What is a motorboat?

A motorboat is a large boat that can accommodate 150 to 300 people.

Solitamente vengono anche chiamati anche piccoli “" because their capacity is actually more similar to passenger transport than to a small pleasure boat.

Typically, the motor vessel has a deck with tables for dining and large windows to watch the scenery, and an open upper deck to enjoy the crossing and the sun.

To protect passengers during hot weather, they are often equipped with maxi canopies and covers.

The La Maddalena Islands

During a holiday in Sardinia, a boat trip to the islands is a must: the tour in the La Maddalena Park is one of the must-do excursions.

The Archipelago is rich in attractions, culture, history, nature and outdoor sports activities. 

The boat tour to the islands allows you to visit the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park with its 7 sisters:

  • La Maddalena, Little Paris
  • and Garibaldi
  • Santo Stefano and the military base
  • (and Spargiotto) and its coves
  • Budelli e la
  • Santa Maria with the Port of Our Lady
  • Razzoli and the lighthouse

Where is the La Maddalena Archipelago?

L'La Maddalena Archipelago is located in the north-east of Sardinia near the Bocche di . It consists of a multitude of islands, islets and rocks, and is dotted with bays and white sandy beaches. These granite outcrops are surrounded by an enchanting sea, what the whole world knows as the wonderful sea of Sardinia.

What are the most beautiful beaches on La Maddalena?

It is difficult to say which is the most beautiful beach in the La Maddalena Archipelago: each island is renowned for the incredible beauty of its sea and bays. Among the most famous beaches, one cannot fail to mention La Spiaggia rosa in Budelli, Cala Granara and Cala Corsara at Cala Santa Maria on the island of the same name and the Our Lady's Mantle, and The Wreck Beach at , Cala Lunga in Razzoli. Each view is truly evocative and unique. Each trip is designed and structured to allow you to appreciate all the places you visit during the day.

It is possible to see the ?

Access to the pink beach has been prohibited since 1998. Find out more about the pink beach

La Maddalena and the Islands of the Archipelago

The island of La Maddalena, from which the park takes its name, is the largest of the more than 60 islands and islets that make up the archipelago.

On the island is the country La Maddalena known as 'La Petite Paris', is a seaside village considered to be one of the most beautiful and evocative in Sardinia thanks to its architectural elements of absolute value and prominence.

Frequented since prehistoric times, it began to be more densely populated around the end of the 1700s. The island has historically always had an important due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1973 it was the scene of an attempted invasion by the French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Domenico Millelire in command of the Sardinian fleet drove the French back, convincing them to desist from the enterprise.

On the island there is French Covevery important granite quarry remained active until 1930. It seems that the granite extracted in these excavations was used to make numerous works, including the Ismailia monument placed at the defence of the Suez Canal in Egypt and the tomb of Clelia the eldest daughter of Giuseppe Garibaldi hero of two worlds.

History of the Magdalene

La Maddalena is an island located in the north of Sardinia, opposite the . The island is named after the Maddalena, a Spanish ship that sank off the coast in 1583. Over the centuries, the island has been disputed by various European powers, including Spain, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

In the 19th century, La Maddalena became a naval base for the Italian Navy. During World War I, the island was used as a base for naval operations against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During World War II, La Maddalena was occupied by German forces and used as a base for their submarines.

After the war, the island remained a naval base of the Italian Navy until 2008, when the base was closed and the island was returned to the local community. Today, La Maddalena is a popular tourist destination, with numerous white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The island is also famous for its cuisine, which includes fresh fish dishes and local specialities such as pane carasau and Sardinian pecorino cheese.

La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

It was established in 1994 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It is a geomarine park created with the intention of implementing significant interventions within the protection, preservation and enhancement of the coastal and maritime territory.

It consists of land and sea and covers about 19,000 hectares with over 180 km of coastline. It includes the La Maddalena Archipelago and the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.

It is divided into zones at different safeguard levels, the zoning of the Park.

The National Park and its islands are characterised by the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean coastal strip, strongly influenced by the presence of wind, water scarcity, aridity of substrates and strong sunlight: the macchia.

The main exponents represented in the park are the juniper, arbutusthe mastic tree, the myrtlecistus and euphorbia.

The terrestrial fauna is characterised by the presence of numerous amphibians, reptiles and small-mediums mammals.

The avifauna includes many bird species, typical of the central-western Mediterranean islands, both breeding and migratory. Worth mentioning is the Corsican gull, the herring gull, the bird of storms, the tufted plover, the cormorant, the tern, the greater tern and the lesser tern.

Among the marine fauna, mention must certainly be made of the Pinna nobilis (a bivalve shell that can reach up to one metre in height), the brown grouper, the corvina and the seabream. Together with the large cartilaginous fish even the large marine mammals, such as and minke whales, often peeping through the waters of the park.

The park is characterised by a wide variety of landscapes, ranging from white sandy beaches to sheer cliffs, from holm oak forests to posidonia meadows. Animal species in the park include the Corsican seagull, the sea turtle, the dolphin and the cormorant.

The park offers numerous activities for visitors, including hiking or cycling, snorkelling, scuba diving and guided tours of sites in the area.

In summary, the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park is a unique place in the world, where nature and culture come together to offer visitors an unforgettable experience

Frequently asked questions

quick answers ⚡

Prices for a boat trip to La Maddalena can vary depending on the type of boat and the duration. In general, prices for a typical half-day excursion start at around €50 per person, while a full-day excursion can be expected to cost around €80-€100 per person.

Motorboat excursions cost around €40-60 per person

Le escursioni in barca per La Maddalena partono da diverse località della costa nord della Sardegna. Le principali sono , Santa Teresa di Gallura, Cannigione,

Among the main points of interest to visit by boat in La Maddalena are the island of Budelli, famous for its pink beach, the island of Spargi, with its coves and inlets, and the island of Santa Maria, where the famous Conigli beach is located.

Yes, the captain or an audio guide will describe the itinerary and points of interest encountered during the excursion.

On some motor ships it is possible to listen to descriptions via geolocalised app and earphones.

This service is usually multilingual.

The place for parking differs depending on which port you choose for departure. However, we recommend that you arrive at the port of departure well in advance so that you can park your car in a suitable place and not incur unpleasant penalties.

There are pay car parks with columns near the embarkation point, so bring coins for the parking meter.

In front of the harbour you can find a square with paid parking spaces.

Santa teresa Gallura
There are not many parking spaces, so we recommend that you arrive early enough to find a parking space and check in without rushing.

Baja Sardinia

You can find free and paid parking spaces a few hundred metres from the port, in the pine forest.

Always check each activity's card for up-to-date location information.

Motor ships are much more than boats, they are almost miniature ferries.

The upper deck is uncovered to enjoy the scenery and fine weather but there are maxi awnings that the crew open to protect passengers from the sun during the hottest hours. 

Take with you:

  • swimming costume
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses

Some motor vessels provide free of charge:

  • snorkelling mask
  • parasol

Check whether the ticket you are buying includes these services or not.

We recommend that you also bring a long-sleeved T-shirt because after a sunny day, you may suffer from the temperature difference on the way back. In general, bring what you think is appropriate for a day at the beach.

Of course, there is no problem.

You can easily bring your favourite food from home to make lunch or a snack.

On most motorboats, however, it is possible to buy lunch on board with starters, main course and coffee.

Yes, there is a bar on board with sandwiches, snacks, coffee and drinks.

Usually these products are not included in the cost of the ticket. Some motor ships are very environmentally conscious and have abandoned the use of plastic and use only compostable and recyclable products.

Yes, there is an on-board toilet.

There is usually a ladies' and gents' bathroom

This hike is suitable for everyone. It is perfect for all ages, great for families with children, groups of friends, couples, solo travellers.

You can choose your type of excursion and decide whether you want to book an exclusive boat or book a ticket and share this experience with other travellers.

We suggest you check the 'important information' section of each activity so that you can choose the trip and the provider that best suits your needs.

Of course! It would be a real shame not to go swimming in this corner of paradise! Each type of excursion includes several bathing stops - usually 3 or 4 - to allow you to relax and fully enjoy a day on a boat in the Maddalena Park.

Some motor vessels are equipped with a 'stern beach', so you can swim from the boat.

We recommend that you bring a swimming costume and a towel, for swimming during the stops in the most beautiful bays of the Archipelago. If you feel like it, take a jumper with you as well, it might be useful for the return trip. Don't forget sunglasses or a hat! In short, bring with you what you would bring for a day at the beach.

Yes, the itineraries always include stops at the beach.

There are usually 3-4 stops depending on the location of departure and the individual motor vessel making the excursion.

In addition, there will always be a stop for lunch

The beaches can be reached by footbridge or on a tender (a small dinghy).

Motorboats are always organised and prepared to provide maximum comfort for passengers of all ages.

Descending Ladder
Descending Ladder

Generally, yes.

For many operators, animals are welcome guests on board, as long as they are well-behaved and small in size.

However, it may happen that in August you are not allowed to bring your pet because the heat and the many people in the area may make your pet nervous.

We recommend that you check the description of the individual activity or use the filters by selecting 'pets allowed'.

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