Boat Tour of the 4 stops in the Archipelago of La Maddalena

The boat Dolphin
From: 45,00

About 7 hours


24 hours before departure

ideal for: Couples, Groups, Single Traveller
type: Shared experience
pet: Pets allowed
languages spoken: English, Italian, Spanish
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  • Boat trip in the Archipelago of The Maddalena and 7 hours
  • We will take you in the most renowned and known as the islands of Spargi, Budelli and its pink beach, Santa Maria, and finally Magdalene
  • The tour starts at 10:30 with expected return around 17:30
  • Boat excursion to La Maddalena Archipelago
  • tour with 4 stops
  • duration 7 hours
  • landing fee municipal
  • tour guide on board
  • lunch
Hand sanitizer always available
Reduction of the number of passengers on board

You can cancel the reservation without penalty in the event of restrictions on travel related to COVID-19

Enjoy an excursion to dream inThe archipelago of la Maddalena, we will take you in the most renowned and well-known.

You will visit the islands of Spargi, Budelli and its pink beach, Santa Maria, and finally Magdalene.

The tour starts at 10.30 am with a departure from the port of Palau, with expected return around 17:30. The 1° stop will be made to the island of Spargi with the beautiful Cala Corsara, where you can come down and swim in complete relaxation, we will stop for about an hour and 15 minutes;

Back on board you can enjoy your packed lunches, or if you prefer, you can buy a great first dish of pasta marinara, we will stop here for a few tens of minutes, and sailing to the west coast of the island, to reach the island of Budelli, where we will make our 2° stop on the island of Budelli, you will make the bath in the natural pools, also called Port of our Lady, for its clear water and is very sheltered from the mistral wind.

The 3° stop it is dedicated to the island of Santa Maria, where you can swim from the boat in safety, followed by our staff on board, we remain moored in front of the homonymous bay for about 20 minutes, We drive to the Pink Beach of Budelli, where you can admire the famous beach, but it will not be possible to stop the bans in force.

Our navigation will continue towards the island of Caprera, we pass under the bridge that connects The islands of la Maddalena and Caprera, it will be exciting! The boat Dolphin is one of the few boats that can cross this stretch of the sea and has a small size. Leaving behind the island of Garibaldi, we see mary Magdalene, and its marina, where anchor ; here you will get off for a walk to relax in the streets of the city or to enjoy a good ice cream. Here, we will 4° stop on our tour!

Come on board! It will be the most beautiful experience of your holidays in northern Sardinia!

island of Spargi
1° STOP on the beach of cala Corsara
Budelli island
2°STOP at the beach to the pools, the beach of the Knight
the island of Santa Maria
3° STOP for the bathroom from the boat, in front of cala Santa Maria
the island of Caprera
overview from the sea and the island of Caprera passing under the bridge that connects the island with The Magdalene
The island of la Maddalena
4°STOP for shopping or leisure time, in the island of La Maddalena

During this experience you will see these points of interest

What should I bring?
costume beach towel camera sun protection snorkeling equipment if you want to practice
Where to park?
There are paid parking near the marina, follow the signs once you get to Palau, which is important to bring with you 9 euro coins for the parking meter, because some of the car parks does not accept payment with cash.
At what time should I arrive?
And it is necessary to arrive at least an hour in advance because of the confusion, and the traffic on the provincial road 125 in the direction of Palau, it is possible to check in at the box office n°2 Dolphin tours inside the maritime station of Palau. It is advisable to arrive at least at 9.50 a.m.

  • Check-in at least 60 minutes before departure
To obtain a full refund of the ticket, cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the departure.

In the e-mail confirmation of the booking you will find all the details to ask for a full refund or modification of the reservation.

This experience will take place only in favourable weather conditions.

In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, you can choose between a different date or a full refund without penalty.

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