Cala Luna and Grotte del Bue Marino with "Eleventh" from Cala Gonone

From: 17,00

6:30 ore circa


3 day before departure

ideal for: Couples, Groups, Single Traveller
type: Shared experience
pet: Pets not allowed
languages spoken: French, English, Italian
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  • Biglietti Andata e Ritorno per Cala Luna e Grotte del Bue Marino da Cala Gonone
  • Departure from the Port of Cala Gonone
  • Return time is 16:30; return times after 16:30 are subject to availability and must be requested on the day of embarkation.
  • Navigation time 10-15 minutes each way
  • Biglietto Passaggio Barca Andata e Ritorno per Grotta del Bue Marino e Cala Luna
  • Free use of parasol (to be requested at embarkation, subject to availability)
  • Free use of cooler (to be requested at embarkation, subject to availability)
  • Entrance ticket to the Sea Ox Cave
  • Lunch
Reduction of the number of passengers on board
Boat sanitation procedures

You can cancel the reservation without penalty in the event of restrictions on travel related to COVID-19

The most convenient way to visitare la grotta del bue marino and to reach Cala Luna con la sua incredibile spiaggia è dal mare. Questo tour viene svolto a bordo della motonave per trasporto passeggeri Eleventh.

Effettuiamo prima la sosta alla grotta con la visita guidata* (*La visita guidata alle Grotte del Bue Marino è a cura del Comune di Dorgali. Il ticket di ingresso alle grotte non è incluso nel prezzo del tour e va acquistato online sul sito ufficiale per il turismo Enjoy Dorgali). Finita la visita la barca parte per Cala Luna dove puoi trascorrere la giornata su una spiaggia incontaminata e selvaggia.

The Eleventh motorboat, launched in 2015, guarantees the highest standards in terms of safety, comfort and silence. You will reach Cala Luna with the utmost respect and eco-sustainability thanks to the engines with minimum emissions. The crew will be at your disposal during the 10-minute cruise.

You can sit comfortably in your reserved seats or photograph the landscape from the boat's sides. If you want to visit Cala Luna, one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia, simply board the Eleventh motorboat and enjoy the day!

Departure from the port of Cala Gonone. Navigation time: about 10 minutes.
Sea Ox Cave
Sosta per visitare la Grotta del Bue Marino (Biglietti di Ingresso non inclusi nel prezzo). Durata visita guidata: circa 1 ora e 30 minuti.
Cala Luna
Disembark at Cala Luna where you can visit the beach and the area behind it, rich in typical Mediterranean plants. You will stay on the beach until the time of return.
Embarkation for the return journey and sailing back to admire the incredible cliffs that characterise the Gulf of Orosei.

During this experience you will see these points of interest

Why is the entrance ticket to the Sea Ox Caves not included in the price?

The guided tour of the Sea Ox Caves is organised by the Municipality of Dorgali. The entrance ticket to the caves is not included in the tour price and must be purchased online on the official Enjoy Dorgali tourism website.

How it works the lunch break?

Lunch is not included. Please note that the beach is wild and unspoilt, so there are no facilities. There is a bar on the beach at Cala Luna, but we recommend that you bring your own supplies.

At what time should I arrive?

You must be at the place of departure 20-30 minutes before the scheduled embarkation time.

Where is Cala Luna in Sardinia?

Cala Luna is on the central-eastern coast of Sardinia. It is one of the most famous and well-known beaches, and can be reached from Cala Gonone, which is a hamlet of the municipality of Dorgali in the province of Nuoro.

  • This activity will only take place in favourable weather conditions.
  • To ensure the safety of passengers and crew, in the event of unfavourable weather conditions, the departure will be cancelled/postponed
  • You must be present at check-in 20-30 minutes before embarkation at Box number 15.
  • The entrance ticket to the Sea Ox Cave is not included, it is important to buy the entrance ticket online as entries are limited. Tickets can be purchased on the official tourism website Enjoy Dorgali)
To obtain a full refund of the ticket, cancel your booking at least 3 day before the departure.

In the e-mail confirmation of the booking you will find all the details to ask for a full refund or modification of the reservation.

This experience will take place only in favourable weather conditions.

In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, you can choose between a different date or a full refund without penalty.

Dal: 01/04/2021  Al: 30/06/2021 
Adults: 17€
Children: 11.5€
Infants: 0€
Dal: 16/09/2021  Al: 31/10/2021 
Adults: 17€
Children: 11.5€
Infants: 0€
Dal: 01/07/2021  Al: 08/08/2021 
Adults: 22€
Children: 11.5€
Infants: 0€
Dal: 01/09/2021  Al: 15/09/2021 
Adults: 22€
Children: 11.5€
Infants: 0€
Dal: 09/08/2021  Al: 31/08/2021 
Adults: 27€
Children: 13.5€
Infants: 0€
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