Su Tempiesu: The Enchanted Forest And The Sacred Spring

Discover the Fonte Sacra Su Tempiesu in Orune, an extraordinary testimony to the cult of water in Barbagia
Fonte Sacra Orune Su Tempiesu
Sergio Atzori
Sergio Atzori
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The Nuragic Monument Su Tempiesu

The Su Tempiesu sacred spring is located in and is a nuragic monument of extraordinary beauty located in the surroundings of Orune, in the province of Nuoro, central Sardinia, in the locality known as sa Costa 'e Sa Binza.

Su Tempiesu is an archaeological site that can be easily reached from the village of Orune by about 4-5 km of paved road. To see the monument, which dates back to the Bronze Age, one must then walk a stretch of road.

What to see at Su Tempiesu

the nuragic monument

the sacred spring

the botanical trail

the wildlife trail

The Su Tempiesu archaeological site in Orune is an extraordinarily well-kept oasis where one can admire a multitude of artefacts and natural elements.

A perfect archaeological site and for lovers of nature and the discovery of little-known places.

The monument and the sacred spring

One of the most striking aspects of the Su Tempiesu archaeological site is undoubtedly the sacred spring, which can be reached via a botanical footpath that takes about 15 minutes to walk

The Botanical Path

A delightful walk in the forest where you can admire endemic and typical botanical species of the such as juniper and myrtle. The plants are easily identifiable thanks to detailed signage.

The Wildlife Trail

After the visit to the sacred spring, the walk up the wildlife trail takes about 20-30 minutes. Along the way, signs illustrating and describing the animals in the forest can be admired.

Su Tempiesu Archaeological Site Photos

See photographs of one of the most evocative archaeological sites in Orune, Sardinia, surrounded by unspoilt woodland

Where Su Tempiesu is located

Su Tempiesu is located in the territory of Orune in Barbagia and is easily reached by car from Nuoro, , Oristano

Su Tempiesu opening hours

Tempiesu winter timetable

Daily from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tempiesu summer timetable
Daily from Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

access by ticket only

no climbing on structures

do not litter the area

Su Tempiesu ticket prices

The fees for purchasing a ticket for access to the site are:

Full price ticket Adults: € 5.00

Reduced Ticket 12-16 years (High School): € 2.00

Ticket Children 6-12 years (primary and secondary school): € 1.50

For up-to-date info and rates visit Su Tempiesu

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